Explaining the September 11 Memorial to Kids

Earlier this year, my family went to see the National 9/11 Memorial in New York City. It was a site that my husband Kyle, my in-laws, and I really wanted to visit. So did thousands and thousands of other people that day. While we were waiting in the long line and going through multiple security checkpoints, it struck me that each of us was bringing our own memories of those tragic events to reconcile at the site. We will never forget where we were when the attacks happened (I was on my way to work at the TV station) or how we felt (and grieved) in the days and months that followed....more

Facebook Impersonation: Funny Prank or Serious Crime?

Someone I love is being impersonated on Facebook.In order to limit further exposure, I’m going to call my friend Sally. An “impostor” has set up a Facebook account using Sally’s name and her personal photos. This impostor makes regular updates by posting pictures of Sally’s children (and other people in her life) and referring to them by their real names while making up false information about them. Other people with (assumedly) fake accounts comment on these posts as if they are having real conversations. It is bizarre, and quite frankly, made me feel sick to my stomach as soon as I learned about it last week. In fact, I have stayed almost completely offline (outside of my professional responsibilities) since then....more
I never have liked the idea of having to use your real name and info - but because the whole ...more

Things You Should Know About Your Father

Dear Anna and Kellen,...more

Family Health Care: Are You an Empowered Patient?

I had a really terrible doctor's visit yesterday. My eyes have been giving me a bit of trouble lately, so I made an appointment for a "simple" eye exam at a nearby optometrist's office during my lunch break. I thought it would be a fairly straightforward, in-and-out visit. After all, I have had full physicals in less than an hour. I thought wrong. I arrived at my appointment on time, and after announcing myself, was handed a clipboard without so much as a greeting....more

Pinterest: (Why) Everybody’s On Board

I heard a story on NPR this week about the addictive power of meth.  The expert being interviewed woefully described how most users become instant addicts after just one encounter. One encounter! And I thought to myself, “Huh. It’s kind of like Pinterest.” Yes, there is another addiction that is sweeping the nation. And Pinterest is its name....more

I Believe: A Chance Encounter with Santa

Dear Santa, I don’t know what other name to call you, so I hope it’s OK if I stick with that one. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it was to see you at our local restaurant last night. Such a nice surprise! When I saw my daughter (Anna, as you know) smiling in shy recognition at someone across the room, I expected to turn around to see her teacher or one of her classmates. But instead I saw you, in all your white-bearded, spectacled glory, enjoying a quiet meal with Mrs. Claus. In a Harley T-shirt and jeans. No matter…the kids didn’t need to see your red suit or reindeer companions to know it was you....more
Yes, I am teary, too. I hope that Noah’s mom, and those who likewise feel uncomfortable with ...more

Christmas TV Special Nostalgia

Does anyone else miss the good ol’ days of the exciting “Christmas Specials” on TV? You know, back when holiday programs were actually SPECIAL because they only ran once a year – so if you missed them, you were out of luck? I sure do! I can still hear the drums and trumpets from the CBS Special Presentation intro in my head, and picture that swirling seventies logo that signaled that something wonderful and out-of-the-ordinary was about to happen....more
I think there is a difference in the quality of some Christmas shows they are producing and the ...more

Advice for a New Mom

Last weekend, I went to a baby shower in which all the attendees were asked to write and read something special for the new mother - whether it was encouragement, a Bible verse, or a favorite quote. I didn't find out about this until the night before, so my contribution certainly wasn't the most profound thing I have ever written. And then - ugh - I only uttered about eight words during the shower reading before I started blubbering....more

Living with Intent: Make a Birthday "Life Goal" List

 I just had a birthday a couple of days ago. The big 33. (That's right - I'm not ashamed of my age!) This year, I can officially say that I have lived a third of a century.   People always ask me what exciting things I did on my birthday, but I'm not one for birthday fanfare....more

Life After Divorce: The Summer Custody Visit Suck

One more sleep. One more morning coffee. That’s how long until I get to see my baby girl again. She’s six years old and she has been away from home for more than two weeks now, visiting my ex-husband in St. Louis. All I know is that two weeks is way too long for a mommy and a little girl to be apart. At least it is for me. ...more
@Loopy71 Thank you so much! I truly appreciate that.more