Christmas 2012: Exchange Serving for Impressing

We want people to think that our cookies are delicious, our present-wrapping is creative, and our tree is decorated beautifully. ...more
You've made great points on the joy of moving away from doing things to impress.    Pride. Ow. ...more

6 Things You Shouldn't Buy Used

Being the frugal girl that I am, I love to score a deal on used items whenever possible. But even a money saver like me recognizes that new goods have their place. Here are six things that are a better bargain when you buy them brand new. ...more
I'd add used shoes to your list. Too many unknowns about other people's feet. more

Forget Verizon vs. AT&T: Why I Won't Get a Smartphone

My phone doesn't text or have Internet. It doesn't take pictures (I have a few other devices that take care of that pretty well!) or video. It doesn't have a touch screen. I don't even think it has any games on it. Know what else my phone doesn't have? A contract. A monthly bill. ...more
I think that you really have made a smart phone choice.more

Have Trash? Turn It Into Something Fabulous

I definitely respect the work that Terracycle is doing, and I think that making the trash donation process simpler is a fabulous idea. And the fact that the trash is exchanged for a charitable donation adds a nice layer of feel-good to the whole process. Of course, if everyone on the planet was inspired about recycling, we wouldn't need to make recycling so easy. But the long and short of it is that a lot of people aren't going to bother to recycle unless it's easy and rewarding, and for that reason, I can definitely get behind Terracycle's idea. ...more

Thanks so much for this post! It is right on time for me.....I am currently Working on the ...more

Tips for Frugal Eating: Rising Food Prices Won't Break Your Budget

The October USDA report says that the prices of grains have risen sharply recently, and that's bad news for all of us consumer who eat food (presumably that includes you!). Because much of the meat industry uses grain as feed, this price increase will likely cause meat prices to increase along with the price of cereal and other grain-based foods. ...more

Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan. It normally works great -- saves time and money. Except for the ...more

Is Homemade Bread Cheaper Than Store-Bought?

Along those same lines, once you start getting away from bargain basement bread comparisons, homemade bread really starts to gain an advantage. Whole grain bread, English muffins, bagels, cinnamon swirl loaves, coffeecakes, dinner rolls and the like are all fairly expensive, and I am positive that the homemade versions save me money. Maybe making sandwich bread doesn't save me a bundle, but making cinnamon bread does. ...more
The kind of bread I bake at home costs upwards to $3.99 per loaf at the supermarket. I wouldn't ...more

Homemade Potato Bread

Last week I posted a potato roll recipe on my blog, and doing so inspired me to dig up my old potato bread recipe (because the box of instant potatoes I need to use up is still pretty full!). Like a lot of my bread recipes, this one comes from my 1970s Better Homes and Gardens bread book. ...more
Hi,   I am happy to report that my very sticky dough has produced very soft bread.  How do you ...more

Homemade Cheddar Cheese Twists

This recipe is a recent find from the newer of my two Fleischmann's Yeast cookbooks ... I've made it twice now, and both times, my family has delightedly eaten almost the whole batch. So, I thought it would only be fair to share the recipe with you. ...more

If your family is like mine, they will LOVE them. My daughter even requested these for her ...more

Not That Frugal? Don't Worry, You Don't Have To Make Yogurt to Read Me

You know, something odd happens when word gets out about your frugality. (I think it's safe to say that word has gotten out about mine!) Even though it's not my intention at all, as a result of my incessant frugal blogging, other people are feeling guilty for spending more on groceries than I do, for not making yogurt, for not baking bread, for using their dryer exclusively, and for a multitude of other things. ...more

Aloha from Maui! There have been months and years that I have read blogs like yours - not always ...more