Reading Season: George Sand

A writer's influence or lifestyle can eclipse their actual work....more

Reading Season: Truman Capote

Maybe he just wanted to be a swan. Who could blame him....more

Occupy thyself, enjoy the epiphany

There's that second when ma petite mignon, aging and refusing to act like it, agile as ever reminds me to be.     ...more

Bohemian Spring on its way...


Local People in Prague

Soft and surreal exhibit@ Czech Photo Gallery. Per usual its the people that give the eye a reprieve; this man in the boat appears to have a soul living outside as well as in......more

Cycling around Prague on Electric bikes

Rented bikes and cycled around, found some of the famous clocks and sun dials withinn this city; daylight savings creating a bit of havoc.  ...more

Halcyon Days in Prague

We've managed to land in an awfully elegant neighborhood, with a large park called Havlickovy which boasts a vineyard surrounding the grandest gazebo I've ever seen.Full of long paths that swirl this way and that, overlapping; a lovely space to walk the dogs, enjoy the environs and have some cognac with ice-cream in the gazebo. Why not. ...more

Divinely Inspired Pop and then some; John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Moving from Amsterdam to Prague allows past treasures in the form of books and photographs to re-surface and inspire attention....more

Whitney Houston; Divinely Inspired Pop

I'm certain the obituaries will ebb and flow with equal amounts of judgment and praise.  Like Michael Jackson their top tier talent left us long before their bodies did; you don't soar to those heights without the gods of gravity playing their fickle game. ...more

Rosa Koire and Kay Tokerud; Democrats against UN AGENDA 21; "This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact."

Who are these extraordinary women?"We are civil rights advocates, pro-choice, and pro-gay marriage, who until recently considered ourselves 'progressive Democrats.'  We are university educated, middle income professionals who seek to make common cause with others in the United States who share our concerns."  Excellent.What's their story? ...more
Very interesting.more