HBO's Larry David A Feminist? Really?

[He’s annoying. He’s self-centered. He’s a jerk. No wonder Cheryl finally divorced him! But for a male character on television, Larry David of HBO’s smash hit “Curb Your Enthusiasm” also can be unexpectedly sensitive and mature in his approach to women. Or at least so says Elissa Strauss of The Forward in this funny post. Do you agree with her?—Mona] She writes: ...more
I watched the show a few times, hilarious, offensive and all the rest...he takes chances, he's ... more

Mischief Managed: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

It is is over. It is done. I have seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. I laughed. I cried. I cheered. And I have shut the door on the very last Harry Potter summer. ...more

We read all the books, when mio marito was traveling in London or New Zealand he'd be at the ... more

Justice Thomas' Wife Asks Anita Hill for an Apology; She Should Ask Her Husband

In an October 9 column for Slate, Dahlia Lithwick explained that historically, it's been very hard to be the wife of a Supreme Court justice. According to Lithwick, earlier generations of women, subjected to the forced anonymity traditionally expected of Justices' spouses, have been driven to drink, illness and despair. Some feel that explains why the wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas felt compelled to leave a voicemail message on the office telephone of Anita Hill, the law professor who accused him of sexual harassment during his 1991 confirmation hearing. According to the New York Times, who said Hill played the recording for them, Virginia "Ginni" Thomas said that through prayer, Hill might be led to offer an explanation and apology "for what you did with my husband." ...more

I too, was glued, to that time on TV, in between jobs. Biden really showed his colors, ... more

Kick-Ass Moments From the "Mad Men" Season Finale (Spoilers)

Well, it wasn't the kick-ass, in-your-face finale of last year, but the season 4 finale of Mad Men still had some surprises -- and some kick-ass moments. ...more

Dr. Faye was way too clinical, had to look up everything, also, she held no mystery. And Megan, ... more

Are you REALLY a writer?

I am new to BlogHer.  Exploring the blogs, I am struck by how many women who profile themselves as "dreaming of becoming a writer", "trying to be a writer" or "aspiring writer"....more

Great post. I didn't want to be a struggling writer like Dawn Powell, so took the corporate ... more

How Are Vaginas Supposed To Smell?

With nicknames like "Fish Taco," it's no wonder we freak out. Many women I meet absolutely despise their vaginas, as if they completely buy into whatever childhood messages they were fed about how the vagina is "dirty" and "bad." For these women, any odor wafting up from down there acts as a big stinky banner of how much they hate their girlness. With vagina nicknames such as "fish taco," "crotch mackerel," "cod canal," "fish factory," "fuzzy lap flounder," "tuna town," and "raw oyster," it’s no wonder we worry about how we smell. ...more

Provocative, of course, but loaded with common sense. more

Driving thru the Dolomites

Driving thru the Dolomites ...more

From Lignano, near Venice to Riva del Garda, which used to be part of Venice, the Dolomites are ... more

My Fair Lady, My Mom

There are some things you might not know about my mom. She was the valedictorian of kindergarten. And junior high. And high school.  And she graduated with some Latin suffix from college too. She is the middle out of five children. She has two daughters and three step-daughters. She yells "fuck a duck" when she drops heavy things on her feet (she denies this). She swears like a sailor when she makes pie crusts (she denies this too, see a pattern?). She cleans when she's mad. She can spell better than I will ever be able to dream of. And she is the best mom in the world. ...more

so good to read you enjoy your mother as much as I did my own beloved Muv....brava... more

Unanimous Jury: Scott Roeder Murdered Late-Term Abortion Provider Dr. George Tiller

A unanimous jury brought back its decision in 37 minutes: Scott Roeder is guilty of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, who was one of the few U.S. providers of late-term abortion. The Associated Press has the raw video: ...more

And honor the word of law. 


Going Bovine: A Good Kind of Weird

When the 2010 Printz Award was announced in January, I was surprised that Libba Bray's Going Bovine had won. The Printz Award, for excellence in young adult literature, rarely goes to a book that you'd expect -- but, for me at least, Going Bovine was a particularly unusual choice. ...more

Will check this out, but much more importantly, did you read Dawn Powell (per our last ... more