Irritated with Plastic Berry Containers? Give Them Back

How do you buy berries and cherry tomatoes without plastic? Most small fruits come in those green plastic mesh baskets or increasingly in clear plastic clamshells. If you shop your local farmers market, it’s not a problem. The farmers want their containers back! ...more

We recently switched over to canvas grocery bags. We still have a long way to go, but we're ...more

I’m An Environmentalist and I’m Not Having Kids

It would be easy for me to feel self-righteous about my decision not to breed. According to many thinkers, population is the number one factor driving such problems as global climate change, pollution, and hunger. And children born and raised in affluent nations have a significantly higher impact on the planet than those born to more modest means. As one of my blogger friends put it, population “relates to everything – including the amount of plastic crap circulating in the ocean.” ...more

is an prejorative term to many parents, no matter what a dictionary says. A dictionary gives the ...more

Green Changes and Eco-Resolutions

I polled my other green blogging friends to find out what their eco-resolutions were for 2011, and I got a variety of answers. Some want to simplify and relax. Others want to jump into new challenges. Have a look at the responses and see if any of these goals match ones you’re pursuing this year. ...more

My goal for this year is to use less disposable napkins. We do really well buying goods with ...more

Protect Yourself: BPA is in Metal Cans and Receipts

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is not just a worrisome chemical in hard plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and sippy cups. Almost all canned foods are full of the stuff. And our biggest source of exposure could be the thermal paper cash register receipts we handle every time we shop, especially during the holiday season. The fact is that BPA is in a lot of surprising products we touch every day and in higher levels than we previously thought. Will our government protect us from this chemical? Or must we as consumers take matters into our own hands? ...more
Grace@Haven , The newest Ball canning lids are BPA-free. ...more

The Truth About Charitable Gift Cards

In my post on green holiday gift giving last month, I mentioned donations to nonprofits. Giving directly to an organization that you know your giftee supports can be a great idea, but if you’re not sure in what way your recipient is philanthropically-inclined, charitable gift cards are a good alternative. The way they work is that you buy a gift card in the amount of your choice, and your giftee then visits the web site to enter the gift card number and choose which charity will get the money. But with several different gift card organizations to choose from, how do you decide which one to support? ...more
Interesting, piece you've written. I have never heard of this before. nicemore

Green Gifts Don't Have to Suck: Green Holiday Gift Guide

Because there are ways to opt out of the madness and still enjoy the season. And gift giving can be a beautiful thing when you remove all the ulterior motives behind gift choices and concentrate on the happiness of all involved. With that in mind, here are my top ten guidelines for happily green gift giving. ...more

we focused on green alternatives for children's gift exchanges. Trying to think outside the ...more

Yogurt Containers and Snack Bags Made From Corn?

Is packaging made from corn too noisy? Is it even good for the environment? Plastic made from corn seems to be the new trend for companies that want an alternative to petroleum-based plastic packaging. Last year, Pepsico's Frito Lay introduced a new PLA (polylactic acid) bag for its SunChips snacks, and last week Stonyfield Yogurt announced new PLA containers for its multi-packs. But how well does PLA work? And is it as safe and eco-friendly as these companies would have you believe? ...more

Great post, thanks! Very informative. I wanted to mention that polystyrene is being recycled ...more

Back to School: 1974 vs. 2010

Sometimes I find myself bemoaning the plastic world we’ve created and wishing we could go back to a time before our disposable culture got the better of us. It's a simplistic point of view for sure, as I realized last night while reminiscing about my experience growing up in the 70's. No bottled water. Fewer disposables. But were things really better back then or just different? ...more

and the world goes much changes, doesn't it?more

Say No To Singles

My vision of a plastic-free, zero-waste world is not a singles club. No, I'm not discriminating against uncoupled people. But I am a bigot when it comes to the three categories of single-use products, all of which have been featured on the new Facebook Plastic Crap Wall of Shame lately, another kind of club where fans can upload links and photos of the worst, unnecessary plastic they can find. The Wall is a place to vent and also a way to create awareness of the problem of plastic waste. ...more

I'm amazed at all the ridiculous single use products you've collected here, who the hell needs ...more

10 Things You Can Do or Bring to Make Your BlogHer '10 Greener

If you’re nothing like me, you’re already packing for BlogHer10, or at least making a list of things to remember to bring. (I always toss everything into my suitcase the night before and pray.) I’m here to remind you to bring a few items that can make your trip a little greener. Yes, it’s true that BlogHer has done a lot of work to ensure the conference is as eco-friendly as possible. (Read all about BlogHer10′s Green Initiatives.) But providing for the needs of 2,000 attendees is a monumental task, and the organizers can’t do it all. That’s where personal responsibility comes in. ...more

I did not attend the conference but still found your post very helpful....I can certainly use ...more