Finding Balance with Blog Parties

Before the niches and labels, before the giveaways and reviews, before Twitter and Facebook became tools for promotion, there was simply blogging. Whether by general diarists who talked about their lives or focused bloggers who wrote almost exclusively on a single topic – blogs felt like opening cabinet doors and getting to peek into other people’s lives. ...more
Timely subject - I have been partying too much! more

How to Infuse More Fun Into Your Blog!

Hosted by Playskool with special guests from Sesame Street Elmo, Cookie Monster & Abby Cadabby • Looking to add a little whimsy to your blog? ...more
Looking forward to seeing @RockinMama with @Playskool and my fave cahracters from @Pbskids! more

Speech Delays: Talk to Me

I look at his face, red now, with snot and tears and drool all mixing into one big, frustrated mess. He wants so much to tell me. Even more, he wants me to understand. Why aren’t I helping him? ...more

You are taking me back to less than a year ago when ds speech delay was so disheartening. As you ... more