Despite My Fear, I'll Be Cheering at the Boston Marathon Finish Line

Editor's Note, 4/16/14: One suspect is in custody after two backpacks left near this year's finish line yesterday were detonated safely. This post was written before those events were reported. The marathon is on Monday. We're having the anniversary of last year’s bombing and subsequent days of confusion and unknowing and “shelter-in-place." The rehashing of all of it has been going on for weeks. I don’t know what TV and local newspapers are doing. I do know that our local NPR station, WBUR, has had nonstop talk of it, at least in the mornings. I know there are art projects and documentaries and Sports Illustrated did a photo shoot at the finish line last Saturday....more
I try not to live in fear as it is not of God.  Terrorists will not win - they will not scare us ...more

As Tough As Long Division? Is Lands' End the New Mattel?

Twenty years after Mattel debuted the ill-fated Teen Talk Barbie, Lands' End continues to tell girls that math is hard... for girls. Teen Talk Barbie, you may recall, is the talking Barbie who said, among other things, "Math class is tough!" Backlash led Mattel to essentially recall the dolls a mere four months after they hit the market. In 2011, J.C. Penney came out with a shirt that said, "I'm too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me." That same year, Forever 21 came out with a shirt that said, "Allergic to Algebra." So why is Lands' End perpetuating the message to girls that math is hard?...more
 @Gamingangel Yeah, that is one of the most irritating aspects of their response.more

What is Postpartum Depression?

A recent email exchange made me think about what people understand postpartum depression to be. When I mentioned to an acquaintance that I'd had postpartum depression, she responded that she had, too, but then her parents came to help when the baby was three weeks old and things were much better after that. ...more

I'm Failing at This SAHM Stuff: I Need a Job

So I've been all, "Yeah, I can be a stay-at-home mom! Yeah, my house is a mess and we live out of laundry baskets and dinner is still a total pain in the ass most days but hey, I'm hangin' with my kids!" I've hosted a gazillion playdates. I make snacks. I help kids ride bikes. I take Ben to the playground in the mornings and pick up Max from preschool and play and have the kids help with some chores and all that. I'm focused. I'm doing it. I'm mommying. I'm also becoming the most irritable cranky bitch known to mankind....more
 What's funny is I don't even love work...I just love that it makes me enjoy time at home so ...more

My Preschooler Can Outswear Your Preschooler

The Power of a Word "Mom, when is it OK to say 'fucking'?" Max asked me as we pulled up in front of his preschool....more

The Guilt, but it's not what you think

The fussing grows in volume. I curse as I pour more coffee. I tell the toddler to go get his father--who's in bed with a migraine--and I close my eyes.I find my children really annoying sometimes.Later, when I'm finally safely ensconced at the local Starbucks, able to focus on my editing job for a few hours, I feel happy and relaxed.And a little guilty. When did I stop enjoying my children?...more
 @edavis Me too! Since I wrote that post, my contract ended, so now I'm home all the time. I ...more

Why Running is Good for My Whole Family

Example 1: Pokey family at the breakfast table. Me without a morning run: "ARghhh! Why can't you people just eat your breakfast? I CAN'T TAKE IT!!! It is time to EAT!!" Me after a morning run: "Hi, guys. You want more maple syrup with that?"  ...more

Max and the Separation of Church and State

 Today Max and I were driving along listening to NPR, and of course the phrase "police protection" caught his ear. A high school girl in RI has returned to school (with police protection) after successfully challenging her public school for having a prayer posted on a wall. The prayer is now covered up....more


We're doing it. We're pulling out Max out of preschool, not because I suddenly have some newfound maternal desire to spend long days with a three-year-old, but due to an unfortunate and seemingly unresolvable situation at the school.He will still attend two days per week, but considering he started at four days/week and is now attending five days/week, I think the shift will be hard on him, since he likes all his new friends and the Importance of Going to School....more