Did He Cheat?

I was in a very long line at Whole Foods, having stopped in after work to pick up what would pass for dinner. The “express” line was the longest line I’ve ever seen in my entire life, so I got in the regular line even though I only had a couple of things. A few minutes in, I heard a deep voice behind me: “It must be my lucky day to stand in line behind the woman who can rock those boots”. It was a little cheesy but when I turned around I liked the way he looked, I forgave him. ...more

Yeah. I was working at an office in 2008 and started chatting it up with one of the delivery ... more

My Blog Got My Daughter Kicked Out of Preschool

On Friday, my daughter was expelled from her preschool. Why? Because I had a disagreement with the director -- and then I blogged about it. Here is the timeline of events. ...more

I read this twice. And I can't believe that the school would actually do that to you and your ... more

Think Being A Mom Doesn't Always Matter? Think Again

When as a mom, if you think what you do doesn’t always matter, think again.I was thinking that way just this morning when my 2 year old brought me his toy car that quit working. It talks and makes race car noises. With big sad eyes and very upset he holds his car up to me and says, ”Fix car?” New batteries didn’t work, so I decided to take it apart. After mending a broken wire, handing it back to him and seeing his big smile that was worth more to me than any paycheck I have ever received before....more

Because of this post I need to quote from a fortune cookie I received a while ago and it's on my ... more

Money and Friendships

Hi there, my dear non existent readers. I am back. I haven't posted anything in a while because after completing my last post I started having doubts. Of what kind? Well, I started wondering if anybody will even care to read what i have to share here with the ENTIRE WORLD. I started wondering whether i sound witty? or more like  a crazy, lonely lunatic? Is there any point in writing anything here? And I was a bit busy as well, and that played into this whole "is there a point in this all?" dilemma of mine....more

HI! I'm the non-existent reader. Personally, I've had a lot of people ask me for money over the ... more

Are Bigger Bloggers Obligated to Help Smaller Bloggers?

I have this rather bad habit of playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion. And I am going to stick on my Jezebel horns and do a little bit of that today. I had a post syndicated on BlogHer about jealousy and blogging that sparked some AMAZING response and discussion. It took an interesting turn when this comment popped up: ...more

I don't feel as though anyone is obligated to help a smaller blog. But it would be nice if we do ... more

Spontaneity Was, and Is

Before having children, spontaneity was something that Tim and I innocently, unknowingly squandered. There were times when we would step out on a Sunday morning to enjoy, even savor cups of coffee.  Sometimes even while enjoying, even savoring a book or newspaper.  Like this....more

Lovely post. It's great to see a couple that still keeps the excitement alive, even with the ... more

My inbox is busier than your inbox.

My inbox is busier than your inbox. ...more

Most likely... I just get weird spam and "forgot passwords" e-mails because Im a moron. more

22 Things I've Learned As A Mother.

  I haven't written here in over a week and I realize it's because I just haven't felt like making fun of anything. Nothing too dramatic has been going on- and that's usually when I bust out the humor.  Sure, Bam Bam has had a cold, and my dogs have taken to puking all over the house the past week- but for the most part I feel... okay. I feel content.  Puke and poop are what keep the world spinning over here at my house. ...more

Great post and a lot of nice things. I honestly like the one "9. A lot of times, a cookie ... more