To Fear or not to Fear...

So yesterday one of my co-workers, Dave, stuck his head in my studio, "They think maybe a couple of bombs went off at the Boston Marathon...It's all over the news channels.  Or maybe it was something else..."   ...more
@elaineR.N.  Amen Elaine, AMEN!more

I'm Having a Meltdown at Target...

I'm going to Target to buy an Avocado......more
Oh Cindy! You take our every day life and sing it from the stage, don't you? I love to read your ...more

I'm Sitting Two Feet Away From My Daughter...

If you post it on her Facebook wall, then her friends see it and it lasts FOREVER! Plus, there ...more

So 2013 showed up early this year...

Oh no, it's rounding the corner, oh wait, correction, it's standing on my doorstep, 2013, and he's ringing the doorbell...and worse, the damn New Year is holding a scale, HIDE!...Oh Shoot, there goes my husband..."don't answer it!"  Too late, he just opened the door."What's he want honey?""He wants to have a word with the idiot that's planning on jumping in Lake Michigan tomorrow...""Um, tell him I'm not home...""It's too late, he knows your home...""How?"...more
@Cindyhuber I wish I could sit with you, open a bottle of zinfandel or champagne, and talk and ...more

Things to consider before jumping in a Lake...

You're probably busy thinking about what type of dinner to serve on the last day of 2012...fools!Not me, I'm making plans to jump in Lake Michigan on January whose the fool now wimps?...more
@elaineR.N.  I just started on beta blockers (atrial fib) about 3 months ago and my husband said ...more

Waiting for the World to End, while eating a TV Dinner...

So here it last day on know, if the Mayans got it right...we just had a snow storm yesterday and today it's freakin' cold here I am at 4:30 in the afternoon, still in my pj's and wrapped up in a blanket because if the end of the world happens in the next few minutes, and it turns out that it's not fire or explosion but cold that takes me least I'll go comfortable, in front of the tube catching up on this season of Survivor (darn that Jeff Probst is so cute)...I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not, but I tried to get on that show for 5 ye...more
@Cindyhuber  @HomeRearedChefAbout 15 years ago,  I was in Japan for a week visiting a friend.  ...more

Some of my favorite new blogs on Blogher...

I don't think you can ever feel lonely with Blogher...If I'm having a "poor me" day, I come to Blogher, and read the posts from all the wonderful writers on NaBloPoMo...and I've met some of the most wonderful people whose friendship I'm going to cherish for a long time...Robin (or Sunbonnet Smart to her fans) posted this beautiful post on memories with her father, and the weird item he would cook up and take to work...or wherever he went... I will not only be there, if you need to get away for a while I'll pick you ...more

Trying to get a buzz with only 14 bucks...

I'm not aware of too many things...I know what I know if you know what I mean...I probably played this song a thousand times in my radio career (seriously, a thousand times...yuck) and to this day, I still have no idea what she means...but I know one's darn near impossible to get a buzz on 14 bucks......more
Hard when that happens no doubt.  I have a dear friend who was working 3 jobs, literally, when ...more

The story of Max the dog...

My dog needs a serious bath...and there is no one in the house that is going to do it...except me...Nine years ago we got a bichon-frise for my daughter...bichon-frise is a french term which transulated means "you paid too much for this dog."  The dog was from Iowa, and it was over a year old so we got a significant deal on it...the only thing the owner said of any note was "it really likes males..."  We should've listened.  We brought this dog named "Boz" home, changed his name to Max, and gave him to my daughter.  He immediately turned up his little frenc...more
@elaineR.N. Thank you so much's a true story, right down to the wine and meds! : )more

December 4th Blog plateau

Kate Middleton is pregnant, the country is going over a fiscal clift, and I don't have a decent idea for Day 4 of this December NaBloPoMo post...guess which is the bigger crisis for me at this hour?  Today's post for me, is much like hitting the proverbial wall, and is starting to resemble a writing plateau...which is almost the same as one of my diet plateaus...which, luckily for me hasn't happened in a long time, because unfortunately for my size 12 jeans...I haven't even pretended to be on a diet lately...but I'm sure if I was...I'd be sucking at it...more
@elaineR.N.  @Cindyhuber Hear, hear, Amigas, let's do a road trip together. Of course, minus the ...more