BlogHer '15, I loved you!

In an annual rite of summer, I attended the Conference in New York City at the New York Hilton Midtown Manhattan. As it was the 11th such Conference, the bugs were worked out long ago and things seemed to go flawlessly. Be advised, therefore, BlogHer '15, "Experts Among Us," was one heartfelt treat after another!...more
Love you Robin!  Someday I hope to hang out with you and Elaine and Virginia! more

Empty Nester Living Large in Small Accommodations

Living in “small” spaces is the new challenge today. “Tiny” living is life in an itty-bitty, little house, and they can range from 117 square feet to no more than 500 square feet. Now that’sseriously small living! Although some “small” houses might go as big as 874 square feet, and that is pure luxury living....more
I salute you dear Amiga!  In honor of you, I will actually try to clear 1/4 of the clutter of my ... more

From Empty Nest to Love Nest

So what are my husband and I to do now? Now that our once-full and busy “nest” is found empty and we are therefore suddenly free of all family responsibilities? “Children responsibility”; of worrying and providing for, that is! What should now fill the many empty hours and [long] days ahead that were once in-every-respect spoken for—cooking and cleaning for...chauffeuring for...cultivating good manners, and how-to make life choices that will meet their individual needs for their long-term happiness?...more
How cool!  I've dreamed of that moment...but also filled with fear, at the thought of all the ... more

IS THAT A SUMMER COLD OR SOMETHING MORE SERIOUS? Is it viral or bacterial and when to seek treatment.

WOW!  I learned some new things...and there IS something out there, because I'm starting to see ... more

Was The New York Times’ Jill Abramson Fired for Being Bossy While Female?

Jill Abramson sounds exactly like someone I'd like to work for... more

Would You Consider Having a Threesome After Marriage?

1988 was a banner year for me.I was separately invited by two male college friends to engage in a ménage à trois with them and their wives. I was never flirtatious with or attracted to these men. I didn't have a tongue bolt, a belly ring, pierced nipples or tattoos, which is how I pictured a sexual libertine. I wore button-down shirts, penny loafers and, on occasion, glasses that made me look like Sally Jesse Raphael with more hair....more
I'd never consider it.  And I think your reasons are valid. more

How to Get Happy (for Real)

I have been thinking about joy and happiness for a while and how that relates to health.  Yes, HAPPINESS brings health and wellbeing!...more
How true. I've always thought about "happiness" this way, you have to make a choice to choose ... more

When I grow up I want to be a nurse; A Celebration of National Nurse's Week 2014!

In celebration of National Nurses Week, I asked several nurse friends why they wanted to get into the profession.  Since I was curious about reasons behind their choices to be a nurse, I thought others might be too....more
Happy Nurses Week to you Elaine...This is just a beautiful post.  I grew up in a family of ... more

I Was Crazy About My Ex-Husband

I should've known I was in for an interesting time when Mark first asked me out by saying, “You don't want to go to a movie or anything, do you?” I should've known when, in the first two minutes of watching the classic mystery film “Laura,” he leaned over and whispered in my ear, “She's not really dead,” that he would show me levels of romance and irritation hitherto undreamed of. ...more
I think it's awesome that you get along...It would be horrible to spend 16 years with someone ... more

How a Blood Clot Changed My Body Confidence

Of course, it hasn’t stopped me from scrutinizing my body with a less than kind eye now and again, but that shift in focus has been a really powerful thing. So my advice to women when they find themselves dissatisfied with their looks is to try your damndest to shift your perspective. Think about the amazing things your body can do besides fit into your skinny jeans. Think about the way it feels, and what you can do to make it feel better. ...more
Wow!  I mean, just wow.  Your post really spoke to me, thank you for sharing!!! more