They will steal your

Well school, is Bananas.. We have been cooking everything. We've started out with Sauces, then went to items like shrimp bisque, and then we went to Veggies, and this week we are on potatos. We have made everything possible with mashed potatos. Now let me tell you about my scadelous class mates. They will take you out the oven if you were placed in it. U have to mark your name on your food, cause if they messed up there's for sure they're coming after yours. Or if they don't get a good grade,they're quick to say well i think that one right there was mine.:Like hell it

Culinary Foundations 2-day 2

Hey Its Tereka here. Havent written on this blog in a long while but ive passed Culinary Foundations 1 and Foundations 2 is so much fun because we actually get to cook in this one instead of watching demos (yay!). So here is what we did on day 2. ...more

Here are the Pictures Of the Things we cooked this past week.-Charly

So this is partially what our pratical will consist of. We have three test in Food fundamental One on Mon, which is Herbs and Spices Identification. Then knife cuts on Tues, then Our final written on Wed. Then we are off on Thurs and Fri and start Food Fundamentals On the Following monday. Winter Squash, Restaurants might use this for vegetarians add butter and yummy. Looks just like noodles. Fried chicken: ...more

I'm Back...

So o.k... I finally have internet... So that means I am finally settled in my place.. Bright house just left my house and I thought about you guys....more

Sorry we are MIA

Sorry we are MIA, we will be on tomorrow, or later tonight, Tmorrow we have our food and sanitation cert test, so Myself and the girls are studying. But when we return we have pics and Loads of info.. Gotta get back studying. Happy Cooking.......more

Ugh for real :( I feel like I've been slacking on my blogging. But I gotta stay on top with my ...more

Ok where were we..

Hey this Charly..So I'm seriously on a speed break, my husband is going to kill me, I have him cleaning the bathrooms,do to our move this wknd ,so we will be sharing one bathroom, since the other two will be cleaned.. OK. Remember those post that got deleted.. Well I found them on my IPOD.. I actually posted them on my IPOD and I wasn't near any WIFI so BLog  Her hadn't deleted them, so I am Going to post them now.. This was the post on the first day, and The "TALKER" Enjoy....more

Charly Here, BTW it was a ROUGH Week...

WE made Eggs benedict, It was so delicious. Me and Vicke were cooking up that canadian bacon.         ...more

Learned something new, you have to goto FLickr to upload the Pictures I will give ...more

Just taking a little break from homework ~

Vickie heeere. I've been doing homework and some other errands all day today, and I thought I would just take a break to post a little bit. I just finished all the discussion questions for chapters 9, 10, and 12 in Food Safety and Sanitation. Tomorrow we're going to be quized on it... My last test, I didn't do so well on, unfortunately... My goal is to at least get a B or higher on all my tests and quizzes, and I'm so bummed that I got a 68%...! But, at least, I wasn't the only one who did bad. Everyone else kind of sucked on this test, too......more

Tereka Introduction.

Yeah Vickie, I asked T. To join in, I know This past week was HELL,so bad I hadn't gotten on, so ...more