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Jillian Plomin



Jillian Plomin is an advertising and public relations consultant to small businesses and political campaigns throughout the country.

Armed with in-depth experience in advertising, public relations, political campaign management and business marketing strategy, Jillian writes a blog dedicated to helping small-election and first time Republican candidates run and win a professional political campaign.  Having worked with clientele from the smallest towns in Indiana, to DC and NYC, Jillian makes a wealth of ‘big business’ knowledge accessible to local level political candidates everywhere, regardless of size, budget, technical expertise or location.

Jillian received her undergraduate degrees in Theatre and Political Science from Purdue University.  She also holds a masters degree in Strategic Public Relations from The George Washington University’s world-renowned School of Political Management.  She served as a Sergeant in the US Army Reserves for the 416th Facility Engineer Command for 6 years.

Jillian currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and four children.