Jillian Plomin

 Jillian Plomin is an advertising and public relations consultant to... read more

E-mail Bankruptcy: It's Time to Take Drastic Action

I receive so much e-mail it's astounding. Don't we all? I have been thinking of 2010 as The Year of the Inbox. ...more
I have maybe 3 emails in 2 inboxes, because I am ruthless.  I am very careful about signing up ...more

Why the Unsupervised Playgroup at Central Park Is a Bad Idea

Lenore Skenazy is making headlines again Skenazye has launched an after school program where children ages 8-18 can be dropped off at Central Park to play with each other. The caveat is that they are under no supervision from an adult. Her premise seems to be that children need to engage in free play, playing outside and playing with other children....more
 @laughingmom  @greenmangoes Maybe I should have said a watch and a cell phone, but kids are ...more

Dear Ann Romney: I Felt Forgotten

Ann Romney, if you recognize that women “are the ones that have to do a little bit more, and work a little harder throughout the day to earn that respect at work.” And to then “come home and help with a book report.” then I challenge you to do something about it....more
"I would first like to point out that the major premise of this piece was to cite the lack of ...more