Why Are Glasses So Expensive?

While reading Geneen Roth's Lost and Found for BlogHer Book Club, I came across a passage in which Geneen, who lost her life savings in the Bernie Madoff scandal, is overcome with desire to buy very expensive eyeglasses: "Three hundred and forty-five dollars," he says. Without the lenses. And with the lenses? He takes out his calculator. With all the bells and whistles -- thin glass, tinting, et cetera -- it comes to close to a thousand dollars. I try not to gasp or appear shocked. So that got me to thinking: Why the heck are eyeglasses made of plastic so dang expensive in the first place? ...more
This is why it took me almost a decade to get new lenses and 15 years to buy new frames! You're ... more

A Career Change from Expat to B&B Owner

When I graduated from Vassar, no crystal ball could have predicted that my re-careering journey would lead me to become a Cape Cod innkeeper....more
ChezSven is a wonderful, intimate place to stay on Cape Cod - I love hearing the story of how it ... more

You Go, Girl! Five Strong Females in Family Films

Most of us probably grew up reading classic fairy tales where the princess finds herself in peril, gets rescued by the handsome prince (who slays the dragon), and they all live happily ever after. Well, everyone except the dragon, that is.But life just isn't like that, is it? More often than not, the prince never shows up. Or if he does, he's not what we expect. He might need sensitivity training or better communication skills....more

You're making me pre-emptively weepy with the mention of Hermione. I think we can also count ... more

The New Fashioned: A Modern Twist on a Classic Cocktail

For once, my half-hearted gardening pays off. Every spring, I start off with tons of green thumb ambition, then get lazy and quit pulling weeds by August. Things end up growing where they shouldn't go, and unidentifiable stalks of green take over. But there's one patch of leaves I can identify by smell that keeps getting bigger and healthier every year: a gloriously spreading tangle of mint that's slowly taking over the front yard. ...more

I love mint in anything, too - even if it's just iced tea! more

Two Degrees of Devastation: New Zealand Earthquake

Eight hundred miles and Cook's Strait away from Christchurch, we didn't feel the physical shocks of the quake up in the Bay of Islands, but the emotional ones have hit us all. They've been pulling bodies out of the rubble while the nation watches in horror. We've been told there are at least 114 fatalities, but to steel ourselves for many more. There may be as many as 300. ...more

So glad to hear that your friend and her family are alive and well. It's terrible to see the ... more

Weekend Menu Planning: Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay - Which Team Has the Best Food?

This Sunday, most people in the U.S will be watching the Super Bowl and probably indulging in some favorite foods while they watch. By now those who care about football know exactly which team they're cheering for, while those who care more about food know exactly what dishes they'll be making. If you want to add to the menu, it might be fun to serve something that's a traditional dish from Pittsburgh or Green Bay, so I've found some ideas to tempt you. ...more

If you cut down on the sugar in the Primanti's coleslaw recipe, it's actually sort of healthy! I ... more

Sticker Shock: What the Stickers on Fruit are Telling You

If you’re frustrated by those pesky stickers on supermarket produce, this may change your tune. Did you know that those stickers aren’t just for the checkers’ use? The International Federation for Produce Standards uses a four or five digit code to identify certain types of produce. If you know what you’re looking for, you can utilize those stickers to make buying decisions about your family’s fruit and vegetable consumption. Think of them as secret produce decoders! ...more

Knew about the 9 for organics but not about the 8 for GMOs. Thanks for the heads-up! more

Week 3: Explore BlogHer.com and Win a BlogHer Food '11 Pass!

We still have so much good stuff on BlogHer.com to introduce you to, so how about we keep this going for another week and give you an opportunity to win your choice of a full conference pass to either BlogHer Food '11, May 20-21 in Atlanta, Georgia, or our annual conference, BlogHer '11, August 5-6 in San Diego, California? ...more

Thanks for the reminder on all the new features! It would be a New Year's treat to win a BlogHer ... more

Tiny Pincushion Tutorial

The children and I have been working on a lot of projects -- mostly sewing, beading, and some papercraft. Here is a brief tutorial for a tiny pincushion made with a bottle cap as the base. You can whip these up in about two minutes! Very addictive to make. ...more

Oh, these would be so amazing as rings! I'm not crafty enough to develop that tutorial though... ... more

Before the Weather Hits: How to Make Your Own Emergency Survival Kit

Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Volcanic explosions. Floods. Tornadoes. Fire. Terrorist attack. There are any number of events that can turn your life into a fight for survival. You've got a better chance of winning that fight if you are prepared. ...more

Fabulous rundown of the essentials. And it sounds sort of insane, but I always keep a cat ... more