Why I'll Be At BlogHer Again

 When you've been mothering for as long as I have, a lot of you becomes a P.S. in your life. And that's a decision I don't ever regret - “Devotion” and “Mad Crushes on my children” have filled in my resume since 1995. ...more
Thinking about a last minute whatthehell it's in my hometown late registration. If i do I'm ... more

This Is What It Is Like to Be an Adult with ADHD

When I was in college, the war on drugs had just launched. I remember the PSA with an egg frying in a pan, and the message, "This is your brain on drugs." (The commercial did nothing to stop people from ingesting all forms of illegal substances, but I'm sure it was a big boon to the egg industry from the onslaught of people who found themselves suddenly craving an omelette.) ...more
After dealing with depression and (undiagnosed) anxiety for much of my life, I started reading ... more

Announcing BlogHer '14 Keynote Speaker: Grammy-Nominated Comedian Tig Notaro

I'm thrilled to kick off 2014 in jubilant fashion with another keynote speaker announcement for BlogHer '14: Comedian Tig Notaro will join us at BlogHer '14 and discuss her groundbreaking brand of comedy. ...more
LOVE Tig Notaro. She's an inspired choice and between her and Jenny Lawson, this is going to be ... more

Post-Production Video Workshop

Instructor: Stacy Jill Calvert ...more
I just busted through the text of a #Viewfinderday video editing session in 10 minutes. Not as ... more

I Want to Paint my Kitchen Cabinets

I Love White! ...more
What about just painting the upper cabinets white? That's not only a literal halfway compromise, ... more

Game of Thrones, Season 3 Finale (Some spoilers for those who are late to watch, like me)

Game of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 10, "Mhysa". (I didn't watch it until Monday because Sunday was a television free day for me.) I loved it! Well, except for the Theon storyline. At least until his sister, Yara decides to take matters into her own hands and sets off to rescue her brother, from Ramsay Bolton....more
I'm with you on Cersei crowd surfing her happy liberated brown "children." I like her because ... more

Life's Too Short to Sit Through Bad Movies

I used to be a compulsive book-finisher. If I started reading something, no matter how bad it was, I would finish it. At some point I realized a) this was stopping me from taking chances on new writers and b) there isn't enough time in my life to read all the good books in the world, let alone some bad ones. So now? I'm a book quitter. I'll give something a good three chapters, but if it starts to massively suck, I'm okay now with just giving up....more
I quit playing Words With Friends and haven't missed the game at all. What I do miss are the ... more

What's Your Favorite Blogged Recipe?

It is always the highlight of my work week to bring you bite-sized interviews with our speakers. With BlogHer Food '12 looming one month and one week away, I really wanted to take the time to ask a couple of our speakers a question that I always ask food bloggers: What's your favorite blogged recipe? I find it so interesting to hear their wide and varied answers. I also ask it because I like to make new things, and who better to ask for a recipe than a food blogger! As such, for our BlogHer Food Bites this week, I have asked two speakers to share their favorites. Their answers are simply awesome....more
This one's mine, but maybe for shock value. ... more

BlogHer '12 Voices of the Year Submissions Are Open!

Four years ago, a lone microphone stood on an empty stage in a ballroom in San Francisco. A crowd of BlogHer attendees sat waiting, not entirely sure for what, as Eden Kennedy walked out onto the stage and began what has now become one of the most eagerly anticipated events at the annual BlogHer conference -- the Voices of the Year Community Keynote....more
Argh.  I submitted this ... more

Interview with The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) has entertained us for years with her eclectic sense of humor and her commitment to the community via The Traveling Red Dress Project. Her accidental philanthropy shows her heart is bigger than her metal chicken. I was so excited to hear Jenny's memoir, Let's Pretend This Never Happened, is out in paperback (with a bonus chapter) this month. I've grown to know Jenny over the past few years via blogging, and I've never met anyone quite like her -- raw, loving, brave and crazy like a fox. ...more
Close parenthesis.  Sigh.  Again re: the editing comment. more