I Was Called a Bitch This Morning

I was called a bitch this morning.By a very nice-looking young man in a football jersey riding a homecoming parade float.This was because I didn’t stop to let the float he was on turn into the parking lot.I looked behind me. There were no cars after me. I knew the float would easily turn after I passed.So I gave a little wave of my hand.Then I heard from my open sun roof:“I wasn’t waving — I was telling you to stop, bitch.” ...more
I am a new member motivated to join this wonderful group because of this story. I am 53, ...more

What Is Too Much Money for the Night of Their Lives?

One thousand, one hundred dollars.For a woman whose dishwasher door is harnessed together by duct tape that amount could surely buy me a new appliance. Heck it’s enough to buy two.It’s enough for a family of five to enjoy a memorable week at the beach this summer.It’s two months rent or mortgage payments for someone out of work.But to spend that amount on one night for Prom?USA Today reported that sum was the average amount families were spending on Prom this year, $1078 to be exact.I don’t get it....more
I had a part-time job in high school and paid for my own prom dress. I know times have changed ...more

Bonding Over a Homemade Halloween Costume

Does a witch need a hat? I gather modern witches don’t wear them much. Most make do with a garland halo of flowers or something. For Halloween, I thought sewing a costume would bring hours of mother and daughter bonding. Bonding moment number one: Flipping through the pattern books, she asked, “Is this all they have? No Skulls and Stars Gothic Fairy?" Thank goodness there was no Gothic Fairy. I began the delicate task of steering her toward a costumes with nothing too difficult. Simplicity implies simple, doesn’t it....more
we have lots of hours put into the girls costumes this year! I do try to make things that are ...more

A Woman's 47th Chromosome and Gross-Tolerance.

A friend buzzed into the house to fetch my daughter for play date with her grandchild just as I emerged from shower in my bathrobe....more
I've always wondered the same thing - what happened to men's gross-tolerance - and by the sounds ...more