Keeping Clean Hearts

It was pouring down rain yesterday- one of those days that makes you want to stay inside.  But Sadie has a book report due next week and needed a biography to write about.  We waded through the rain and ventured to the public library.  Her little fingers rubbed the spines of every book in the biography section.  She pulled out one on Bethany Hamilton (the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack) and decided that it would be the perfect biography for her report.  As we were walking to the circulation desk, she saw another book that caught her eye.  It was the ...more
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Anatomy of a Haircut

Yesterday I went for a haircut.  I put on a dress and dropped the boys off and got a giant diet soda and headed to the salon.  I love love love getting my hairs cut.  I love sitting and gabbing with Maggie, my hairdresser about all the latest reality sleaze.  We are both junkies and it's nice to be in like minded company.  Midway through my transformation, we realized that maybe we should have taken pictures to document the process.  But, though I am usually shameless, I will not pull out my camera phone and take pictures of myself all up in public for the...more

Talking To Your Kids About Race

For months and months we've been on "racial cruise control" in our house.  We've traveled in the same circles, visited the same people and overall, those we encountered didn't think or look twice when our multi-colored family entered the room.  I had actually forgotten that having a multi-colored family instantly makes us a billboard for race relations.  Then came last week.  Last week I believe I had a sign on my head that said, "Enter into major discussions about race with me, please." ...more
What a flash back your piece was for me. Having spent my early parenting years with a blond blue ...more