'Mad Men' Returns For Season Six: Wait, Was That It?

Well all the buildup for the season premiere of last night's Mad Men left me wondering...is this it? Two hours, and we're left knowing nothing more than what we knew when we left them at the end of Season Five. I don't know when I will ever get used to how underwhelming the Mad Men premieres are. The juicy stuff always comes mid-season. After six seasons, this shouldn't be a surprise to me, but Madison Avenue is almost exactly how it was when we left it months ago....more
You hit it right on the head.  Honestly, the only reason I keep watching is because it's true, ...more

'Mad Men' Madness: AMC Bans Jon Hamm's Jewels

Oh Jon Hamm, you're always good for giving new meaning to the term ham bone.We all know by now that our good friend Jon likes to let the ham hang freely. A stroll with his lovely lady can quickly turn in to chatter for the internets for weeks.  But this week we got news that AMC has asked Jon to keep his ham restricted so he can fit in to his 1960's costumes without giving us an eyeful....more
Niiice. My husband's newsfeed showed that I "liked" this. When I never even saw it. Way to go ...more

The Beginning of the End of One Tree Hill: Goodbye Old Friend

Last week, One Tree Hill returned for it's 9th and final season.  The show that started off as just a story of two half-brothers, is now anything but a simple story.  The premier of the show's final season proved that One Tree Hill promises to go out with a bang....more
I miss Peyton and Lucas...more

The American Music Awards Had Me at "Adam Levine".

I could barely contain myself on twitter last night. If you caught me there, you know I was all up in the AMA's. I get a high off of award shows. But let's be honest -- really, most of us just watch for the music {list of winners here}.Performance high-{and low}-lights...more
I didnt catch it but im glad because your post is just about enough. Freaking JLO does she know ...more

This is What Postpartum Depression Feels Like

So I didn’t send it. That’s a mistake. Friends let me tell you, the moment you have the instant reaction to reach out? DO IT. Trust me. She probably could have talked me through it and it not spiraled the rest of my night. But I kept it to myself, and much like PPD did a year ago, it ate at me. Slowly. In every word said, every action of my child. It’s unnerving. ...more

Thank you!!

Alena can be found at Charmingly ...more