What Finally Silenced the Kindergarten Teacher

I was sitting with an adorable group of girls last spring during our Kid Writing time. They were drawing furiously in their journals, all the while giggling away. The two little ladies at the end of table were giggling a bit louder than the rest. This didn't worry me TOO much, as I've aptly named them the giggle sisters. One of them stopped mid-giggle to ask me something. ...more

And I thought I'd been shamed when my Kindergarten-er walker into the classroom, and said, "Boy, ... more

Small Blogs: The Art of the Personal Journal

I love to read different people's personal blogs (as evidenced by the 239 feeds in my "Personal Blogs" folder in Google Reader), and I think that the proliferation of electronic journaling is going to be a bonanza for future historians. I'm always fascinated by glimpses of other people's lives -- particularly from earlier generations -- and I'm obviously not the only one. ...more

We have a black tin box on a shelf in the library, filled with ribbon tied letters exchanged by ... more

Keeper of the Stuff

The Boy and The Girl are home from college. And so is all their stuff. So much for a clean garage. Does family life equate with stuff? This is the question I am asking myself today. When the kids were small, and tumbling about the house daily, I waged a constant war with untidy possessions....more


My Mother once gave one of my sisters an ENORMOUS laundry bag for Christmas. It ... more

Tips for Picking the Best Name for Your Blog

So you're thinking about starting a blog. You have several important questions you need to ask, like what platform will you use, how often do you intend to post, etc. One other significant question is what are you going to name your blog?Names are important, especially in the blogosphere. Having a memorable name can go a long way toward generating traffic for your site. Choosing the right name can seem daunting, but these 7 tips should help you in that process. Get a notebook, pen, a good place to work, and follow the steps below....more

It is great to read intro-to-blogging advice that is practical and helpful - and ... more

The Day My Daughter Ran Away

This afternoon I experienced the worst fifteen minutes of my life. ...more

A good friend of mine had a daughter who was/is very strong minded. She ran away from home, and ... more

Ginka House of Madness

This post is for you J-Bode.Once upon a time, the hubs and I were driving in the car. Or sitting on the couch. Or somewhere. I'm pretty sure it was in the car though. This was before we were married, when my last name was still Ginka.That's not really the point though.I looked at him out of the corner of my eye:Me: Did you foof?David: Did I what?Me: Foof, did you foof (Pronounced like foot, but with an f)...more

Every good family must revere their special words!
Shoof - have a quick look through ... more

The Archaeology of My Daughter's Coming of Age

We measured ourselves the other day. I am still taller but only by half an inch. Her hair is longer, swinging like a horse's tail, the signature look of girls her age. She borrows my shoes and, occasionally, even my clothes. I won't let her wear makeup yet, she doesn't need it. She has her father's eyes, her grandmother's cheekbones, and lips all her own. She is, in a word, beautiful. But then again, I am partial. ...more

I never realized how much more growing up I would have to do, to continue to be a parent to ... more