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I'm the master at Multitasking-- love the turbo boost. more

Food Blogs in Video

My family didn't get a TV until I was eight and even then, there were only two channels, both from Canada, one in French. As a thirty-something, I lived TV-free for five years. Fast forward to today: my house has three televisions, one is Wii-dedicated, the others haven't been turned on in months. So is it any wonder that the popularity of Youtube cooking demonstrations and the introduction of video blogs about cooking astounds me? I wonder, Is it the Food Network phenomenon? How easy it is to 'shoot' a video with either a quick Flip or even an inexpensive digital camera? I decided to look around at the state of video blogging in my blogging world, the food blog world, just to see what's up. Here's what I found. ...more

It takes hours for me to post a regular text post with photos...and video take 3 times as ... more

BlogHer '09: We're listening. And here's what we're mulling over so far...

It's Day Three post-BlogHer '09, and we are in our full-on, annual Listen-Real-Hard mode here at BlogHer. Since Lisa Stone, Jory Des Jardins and I first plunked down our credit cards to reserve a space for the BlogHer 2005, we have asked for everyone's help to make it happen. To make it better. To make it a celebration of women who blog. ...more

...and I had a blast!

>I wish there would have been more food bloggers present (and ... more

Food-lit - Not Just For Foodies

There is an epidemic at my house. My bookshelves are being taken over by food-lit. Books about food, about chefs, about the editor's of chefs, about gardening and everything food related are taking over my bookshelves. And I'm not the only one suffering this epidemic, I'm seeing it all over the blogosphere. ...more

instead of listening to music, I listen to food podcasts and audiobooks that I download from ... more

Tasty Options for Chinese New Year's Celebrations

Today marks the first day of the Chinese New Year, celebrated in many Asian countries. In Vietnam, the holiday is called Tet, and in some Asian countries it's called the Lunar New Year. KC has reminded us that the Year of the Rat is the start of the lunar cycle and a time for renewal or new beginnings. Chinese New Year festivities may include up to two weeks of activities, with family visits, lion dances, fireworks, prayers, symbolic gifts, and candles. Of course, no matter what you're calling it, there have to be special foods for a holiday like this. Many bloggers are sharing Chinese New Year's food options, some of which are authentic, while others are simply whimsical. Since the celebrations last for 15 days, you still have plenty of time to try them. ...more

I'm born year of the rat too! Kalyn - this is our year to shine! Get ready because wonderful ... more

Ten Great Homemade Food Gifts, and No Cooking Required for Some!

It's that time again when you need to get your kitchen into full production line mode if you're planning to turn out loads of holiday goodies to give away. Most people know someone who loves to make elaborate holiday sweets for family, friends, and co-workers. If that sounds like you, I've got a few recipes for cookies, candy, and fruitcake that might make make you smile. ...more

My dear friend K,

You've just made my day. Every year my friends and I exchange home made ... more