Cashew Panko Chicken Tenders with Polynesian Sauce

My very first job was working at the brand-spankin’ new (at the time) Chik-fil-a in the Boca Mall. Yes. I thought I was big. time. Free chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches? That was worth more than my actual hourly wages....more
I'm hungry now. That's what I get for reading at breakfast time. I love "fake-out" meals. I need ...more

Key Lime Frozen Yogurt

After yesterday’s hot soup, I thought I’d cool ya’ll off a little bit with today’s recipe!...more

Cherry Lime Margarita

Welcome back to cocktail Friday… here is the hubs with the last margarita to wrap up this glorious “margarita month”:...more
Very pretty! Thank you for sharing this I might have to test it out this weekend :)more

Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes

Happy Monday, everyone! Anyone having a case of the Monday blues?? I have to say though, my Monday isn’t particulary blue seeing as I only have a 3 day work week this week!! woo hoo!!...more

amazing looking...I will try them for sure :)more

Caprese Baguette with Pesto Mayo and Balsamic Drizzle

This is the perfect spring sandwich. Everyone has tomato and basil growing out of their ears right about now, right? I know my basil is out. of. control. Solution?...more

Citrus Mint Julep

[Editor's Note: Though the Kentucky Derby has raced on by this year, there's no rule that there have to be horses on the track to enjoy this refreshing twist on a traditional cocktail. This variation looks particularly delicious! --Genie]...more