It's Okay to Be the Mean Mom

My daughter defended and and brought the girl in to see me. It was very much like the scene from Godfather. She stood, I sat. She didn't do very much talking. I gave her the what for. Yes, I disciplined her. Why? Why not. I set rules and boundaries for my kid and I expect her friends to follow them. If they are broken, you will be spoken to about them. Apparently, this has given me the reputation as the "Mean Mom."...more
 @ChristineMM We did talk to the mom after another incident happened.  She was embarrassed and ... more

Do You Use the Toilet in Front of Your Spouse?

Does using the toilet in front of your spouse suggest intimacy or is it completely unnecessary? SimplyJune weighs in. Her position: "What on earth is so important that you can not wait a few minutes? What life crisis made talking through the bathroom door unacceptable? What topic is so serious, you don't mind hearing random sound effects? It's just so wrong!" What do you think? ...more
Generally it is private time.  But sometimes when one of us is taking a shower it happens ... more

The New Social Media Disease: Pinterest-Induced Self-Deprecation

We've talked a lot about Pinterest's terms of service, as well as whether or not Pinterest is the Napster-equivalent for images, but we haven't really explored the most immediate effect of the social media site: it's ability to make you feel like crap about your crafting and cooking abilities. ...more
I love to Pin and I totally wish I could do some of the  things I have pinned.  But this doesn't ... more