Food Photography Secrets, Revealed

Now that I've found the perfect spot and the perfect light, I've been able to concentrate more on composition and personal style. You never would have guessed from that set up, I was able to get this shot -- not bad for guerrilla-style photography, eh? ...more
I'm so lucky I live in Australia and have beautiful light almost all day long. Unfortunately I ... more

BlogHerMoms: Do You Know Where Your YOU Is?

I think it’s also true that being a mother really doesn’t change you all that much. Somewhere underneath all that meal-making and scraped-knee kissing we do, we are still the same 14-, 23- or 37-year-old we’ve always been, trying to find our way and our place in life, to become who we really are, the concentrated orange-juice version of ourselves: rich, potent, bright, and more satisfying....more
I'm in :) what a great idea. more

The Ethical Carnivore: Pleased to Meat You

It's not like you're suddenly going to go cold turkey, if you'll pardon the pun. We humans didn't claw our way up the food chain so we could eat quinoa.Meat-eating and ethical eating don't have to be mutually exclusive. There are ways to eat meat that are sensitive to the environment, to our health, and to the animals involved....more
I'm a vegetarian, but I still encourage others to make ethical choices even if they're not. I ... more

May 14th Is Bloggers Without Makeup Day: Will You Take It All Off?

Leave it to the Today Show to copy the bloggers. Tomorrow, May 14th, is Mummy Mayhem's Bloggers without Makeup day, but separate from this online event, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb broadcast the Today Show make-up free in response to Rosie O'Donnell's flip accusations that Kathie Lee had work done on her face. The two women challenged O'Donnell to a no makeup duel and O'Donnell agreed, joining the broadcast via Skype. ...more

I absolutely loved participating in today - seeing all the beautiful, honest faces, and seeing ... more