5 Ways to Encourage New Moms

The one thing I didn't expect to feel is lonely. And mentally exhausted. And the need to see just a snippet of my old self through spit-up covered clothes, feeding schedules, and baby toys scattered through the living room. And as a new mom, it's hard to know what to expect. Yes, even with all of the 'What to Expect' books out there....more
@nikonMom So true! I felt that way a lot in the first couple of months. It's comforting to know ... more

Simple and Quick Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

There is a true spectrum of happiness. Happiness as... positive emotion - positive mood - resiliency - contentment - fulfillment - joy - bliss. The higher states of happiness are available through setting the intention of connecting to something greater than yourself.  This intention will bring about a state of peace, tranquility, serenity, calm, and ease that will guide you into states of extreme joy and bliss! ...more
I have found that the more I sit around the house and stew, the less relaxed I am! I've always ... more

Promises and Unholdable Things

Sometimes in life, and love, we don't always know what we are getting into when we start something. That's frequently been true in my life and it was true for the characters in John Green's The Fault in Our Stars. A support group led to friendship and love for the characters, but it wasn't all that they thought it would be -- the good things also came with the unholdable things....more
I think the promise of marriage is just that. We are promising to handle an unholdable ... more

Why Do We Write?

John Green's The Fault in Our Stars made me think a lot about memories and why we feel the need to write. I think if you ask most bloggers -- especially those that blog about their lives and families -- they'll tell you that they write to remember. By capturing our lives in print and images online, we preserve memories so that one day we can take them out and try them on again. We can see where those moments still fit and where they bust at the seams. ...more
Writing grounds me and helps me turn scattered thoughts into tangible words. I need it often! I ... more

Noticing the Extraordinary Universe

There are times when we take a step back from our lives and really look around us. When we do, we notice things -- really notice things -- and that changes how we see everything. Noticing those things can change our world. In John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel's father shares his observations about the universe and life. ...more
I try my best to capture the moments each day and really be aware of my surroundings. Whether it ... more

Which Books Do You Love?

One of the things that I loved most about Hazel, the main character in John Green's The Fault in Our Stars was her love of books. I was also envious that she had one book, An Imperial Affliction, that she loved above all others. There are many books I love, but there is no one book that I love above all others. ...more
I love To Kill A Mockingbird - a classic! It is one of those books that is timely and relevant ... more

Blogging Your Way to Happiness

Everyone in the BlogHer community enjoys the written method of expression. You enjoy a good cry when you read a touching a story, you get mad when you hear about injustice, you feel compassion when you read about hard times, and you feel joy when you read about celebration and success. When you are the writer, you invoke a feeling in yourself that allows the reader to embrace the emotion you are experiencing as you type your way to self-expression. ...more
Blogging has become my creative outlet, allowing me to learn about myself while learning about ... more

Spring Cleaning in 10 Minutes a Day

It's that time of year again -- time for spring cleaning! If you're like me, this annual ritual strikes fear and dread in your heart. Does spring cleaning seem like the Mt. Everest of housekeeping tasks? A challenge only a few have undertaken successfully? Don't worry, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be scary, but it is something we should all do. It's not just about cleaning blinds and sweeping baseboards, though doing these things is great. You can also use spring cleaning as a prompt to schedule household maintenance and service checks that will prevent problems down the line. ...more
I have a few tips including laundry, baskets and ... more

Nurturing Relationships

When reading Julie Klam's Love at First Bark it's easy to think of it as a "dog book." In doing so you forget the subtitle of the book -- How Saving a Dog Can Sometimes Help Save Yourself. The dogs in the book helped Klam sort through some of her own problems and her relationships with the people nearest and dearest to her. ...more
we definitely have to make an effort to keep our relationship up! anything works - turning the ... more

What Do You Do When You Feel Stuck?

We've talked about how with each decision we make, we take a leap of faith. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When Julie Klam's family move to a new neighbourhood and new building they hoped they were doing the right thing. It didn't turn out the way they'd hoped and as she discusses in Love at First Bark, she felt stuck. ...more
I currently feel "stuck" and am looking forward to getting back to a place where I no longer ... more