A Lesson in Gratitude: I Received a Gift and Threw a Fit

I watched as my little friends opened boxes and found brightly colored necklaces and bracelets, fake diamond rings and all sorts of things that sparkled and shined. It was all inexpensive jewelry designed for a child, but to me it looked like pure gold. My friends immediately pulled the bracelets on over their hands and onto their tiny wrists. They slipped on rings and held out their hands like they'd just gotten engaged. ...more
Your momma did good (: This totally brought tears to my eyes because I do see my childhood ...more

Because Let's Face It... I'm Making It Up As I Go

My son is nearly four months old. In the past four months I've seen him change from a wide eyed, close fisted newborn to a sweet, little man with his own personality. He's an incredibly good baby and has been sincle birth. These days he's constantly smiling, cooing and waving his hands with excitement.As a first time mom I have no idea what I'm doing and whether or not I'm doing anything right. I wonder if I'm giving him enough tummy time, holding him too much or not holding him enough....more