How Do You Do Feminism?

Several weeks ago, we released the initial findings from our #TheFWord, study on feminism. We shared some "feminist personas" that represented how various members of our community related to "the F word." Female Carpenter via Shutterstock...more
Life doesn't stop at 64, y'all. What did you do with those older than that in your count? more

Oscars 2016: Will You Watch or Will You Boycott?

"What will Chris Rock say?" is one of the biggest questions this week. As the #OscarsSoWhite conversations lead up to Sunday night's upcoming telecast ceremony, moviegoers who typically enjoy seeing our big screen favs at the big tent circus of the Academy Awards (not to mention Tweeting along with gown and speech reactions from home)are facing an ethical quandary and a question of our own. Should I watch or should I boycott? ...more
I seldom watch anyway, so it hasn't been an issue for me. It's much less painful to read the ... more

8 Things Bloggers Wish Non-Bloggers Knew

Time away from my friends. Energy just to make sure I shared the post on every single marketing platform. Emotions like excitement from a post well received, sadness from rejection on contributor opportunities, joy from hitting a new milestone, anger from troll-like comments. Love for knowing I was connecting with people and possibly helping them. To be honest the hardest part has been the amount of time blogging takes. While I believe it's worth it, it was a huge adjustment. ...more
I wish people knew a Like on Facebook or Twitter doesn't help me. Sure, it's nice to know ... more

Responsive Web Design: Should Your Blog Use It?

Two trends converged during 2011. One from the world of Internet connected devices and the other from web site design world. Statistics show that more people are connected to the Internet through some sort of mobile device than through a desktop or laptop computer. Web designers are scrambling to make sure that web pages are going to work on all those devices – phones, tablets, and computers. The direction web designers are heading in this quest for universal access is called "responsive web design." ...more
nissiwebdesigners Yes, device sizes are changing constantly. The examples I used in this article ... more

How Are You Organizing Twitter Accounts and Blogs From the Conference?

You're at BlogHer '15! You will have a blast and meet about 5,000 people. The stack of business cards you accumulate will be enormous. Here are a couple of tips to help you keep all those names, faces, Twitter handles, and blogs straight so no one slips through the cracks. ...more
Delawheremom Hope it helps keep all those faces from becoming a blur when you get home. more

What You Need to Know to Think Like a Pop Culture Expert

Pop culture writing is one of the things that drew me to sharing ideas on the internet. Web forums devoted to interpreting movies like Mulholland Drive or The Shining led me to early television show recap communities. By the time the Internet was collectively enduring Lost, I knew I had found my people....more
Must memorize this post. Must memorize this post. Must memorize this post. more

How to Easily Redirect Permalinks on Your Wordpress Blog

Evergreen posts continue to bring in traffic, week after week. The best way to make your posts evergreen is to redirect permalinks. Here is an EASY guide on how and why to do that. ...more
Thanks for this great tip. I just tried it with a popular post and am watching to see how it ... more

15 of the Best and Worst Pop Culture Teachers Are Put to the Test

The end of the school year inevitably brings heated debate among parents and politicians about the value of tests  – for both students and teachers. Families insist that their children can’t be quantified by a single number, while educators reject being graded themselves or having their salaries tied to classroom performance. ...more
This was a clever idea, but reading it just made me sad because all of our decent pop culture ... more

Dealing with the WTF of 'Grey's Anatomy' Grief

The problem with recovering from the grief of a death of a major character in a Shondaland show is that you have many, many emotions to calm. Sadness and the pain of loss, of course.  The ache of nostalgia overtakes you in the inevitable cascade of flashback scenes. You've known this character for years! ...more
This has been so obvious since the beginning of the. Season, with Patrick Dempsey gone for so ... more

Gale Anne Hurd Invites Community Support to Create New Documentary Celebrating Wilma Mankiller

Gale Anne Hurd is making a movie about Wilma Mankiller, and she's inviting contributors to join the supportive community required to launch it. The Hollywood industry leader and executive producer of The Walking Dead, who spoke at BlogHer '13, is working with director and producer Valerie Red-Horse to produce MANKILLER. This important documentary will celebrate an important figure who, despite earning the Presidential Medal of Freedom, is relatively unknown. ...more
Great project. Great post.  I've been aware of Wilma Mankiller for as long as I can remember, ... more