LIVE on CBS This Morning: #BlogHerPayHer

It's not every day we get to announce the State of the BlogHer Economy on national television. This morning it was my absolute pleasure to join CBS This Morning with Norah O'Donnell and Anthony Mason. Here's what happened: ...more
What a great opportunity to showcase this amazing community. Thank you Lisa! more

My Autistic Son's Best Holiday Break Ever

Let's be honest: The winter holiday season can really suck for Autistic people like my son Leo. Leo does not appreciate it when weekly school routines suddenly disappear, and are replaced by random social occasions with loud music, flashing lights, and people who don't even try to understand autism. When the holidays arrive, Leo generally shifts to coping rather than functioning mode, and holiday meltdowns are not uncommon -- not just for my son, but for Autistic people of all ages. ...more
annmerryOne year we just asked to switch Christmas dinner to an earlier time of day... to the ... more

Things I Learned Taking My Teen to Ghana, West Africa

Before I had kids I always imagined that my brood would be a globe-trotting one, with summer breaks spent introducing my kids to the rest of the world and vice versa. Now that I actually have kids, I've realized those daydreams were a bit of a stretch -- my two youngest kids would rather stay home unless we're going to their grandparents' homes or Disneyland, and my husband's vacation time allotment, while generous, is not unlimited. But that doesn't mean I can't still wring out the occasional jaunt, which is how I ended up taking my fourteen-year-old daughter to Ghana. ...more
So glad you had such a wonderful time shannonrosa , and I am thankful you are safely home. ... more

Autism in the Media: Stop with the Awful Stories!

Would you want someone patronizing you in front of the entire world, or writing headlines about how awful your life is and how much you suck? Well, autistic people don't want that either, and neither do autism families -- yet those are the autism stories most frequently in the news. Journalists and the media need to start rethinking how they approach autism stories, because people like my son Leo and families like ours deserve better, plus Leo is not the only awesome autistic person. Writers and journalists need to work harder, find better sources, seek out fairer messages, and help the rest of society learn to better accept and understand autistic people....more
Thank you Shannon. Sad that it needs to be written, but thankful for your voice...which has ... more

How I Took My Autistic Son Off His Meds

My 12-year-old autistic son Leo was on the black box anti-psychotic medication Risperdal for almost four years. As of this writing, he's been off it for almost four weeks. Will he be okay? I hope so, but I'm not sure. Not yet....more
I am so happy for Leo that he has gained new skills, and is off the medication. I'm also glad ... more

The $100 Question: Tell Donalyn from Dlynz Your Favorite Thing to Cook

Welcome to The $100 Question, where fellow BlogHers are asking questions ... and every answer could be worth one hundred dollars! Let's meet today's host: Donalyn from ...more
My favorite thing to cook is grilled everything. Keeps the mess outside and my family always ... more

On Cooking One Day a Week

The Frugal Gourmet always talked about cooking one day a week, and I've lusted after directions ever since. (Cooking one day a week, of course, doesn't exactly mean you aren't cooking the rest of the week, but it does mean getting things ready so preparing meals during the week is easy.) Does this mean I have to have a meal plan? If I cook one day a week what should I do with all that I've cooked? What's the timeframe for cooking all those things??...more
Oh my gosh.. actually helpful and practical food blog advice! Amen. The sauteed onions do very ... more

My Autistic Son's Life: Not Less Valuable

Obviously, I'm feeling angry and confrontational. Explosively so. With good reason: George Hodgins, a young autistic man from my son's school, was murdered by his mother Elizabeth (who then committed suicide) earlier this month. Mainstream media reports have focused almost exclusively on how difficult life was for his mother, framing parents killing disabled children as an understandable tragedy, while parents killing typical children is considered a preventable tragedy. And I am telling you right now, it doesn't matter how difficult parenting is, a parent killing their child is never justifiable....more
Thanks for sharing shannonrosa . I spoke with someone yesterday and we talked about how I would ... more

Alleged Special Ed Abuse and the Court of Public Opinion

I already had a spitfire six-year-old daughter and a boisterous four-year-old autistic son when my youngest, Mali, was born. Though I had scoffed at family and friends who suggested enlisting extra hands when our herd expanded, it was soon clear that I could really use some backup. That was when Alexia Bogdis entered our lives. She became one of Leo's best friends. She worked with him for almost three years -- his most difficult years. She brought our home life out of crisis -- like a Mary Poppins, but for an autism family....more
Thanks for publicly backing up Alexia. I have always been against mugshots in breaking news ... more

Exclusive Interview: What If The Go-Go's Robbed a Bank?

Editor's Note: We're lucky. BlogHer Jenny Stewart has been kickin' it with The Go-Go's just as they launch their 30th Anniversary Tour, which they're celebrating with a remastered release of their iconic "Beauty and the Beat" album. Also on The Go-Go's docket this summer? The ultimate Tinseltown tribute: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for the fearsome fivesome was unveiled earlier today. ...more
ha. Love it. I have always been a huge Go-Gos fan. Their music helped me figure out how to sing ... more