Belinda Carlisle Tells All: The BlogHer Interview, Part I

"In 1982, the Go-Go's were nominated for a Grammy as Best New Artist," Belinda Carlisle writes in her explosive new tell-all autobiography. "My mom made my dress, a fabulous, princess-style gown with big gold lame puffed sleeves, a matching skirt and a hot pink bodice. I looked like Cinderella at the ball. But unlike Cinderella, I started doing coke in the morning and was out of my head by the time [then-boyfriend] Buster and I hit the red carpet." It's no secret that in the early '80s, Belinda Carlisle was the lead singer of the rock band The Go-Go's, at the top of the charts and the covers of innumerable glossies. She had it all, including a wicked penchant for drugs and alcohol. But after she left the band, she got into a 12-step program and became clean and sober -- and never looked back. She kick-started her solo career looking fabulous on the "Mad About You" video in 1986, and her smart lifestyle choices have kept her drop-dead gorgeous at 51. Right? ...more


I too was shocked at how much she revealed in the book, but I'm glad she chose to ... more