High Schoolers Make Baseball History Throwing Like Girls

Like Marti Sementelli and Ghazaleh Sailors, my baseball career started around age five. However, my stint as a ball player ended around age five and a half, when I quickly figured out that my lack of hand-eye coordination along with my fear of a ball being thrown at me didn’t work well with the general idea of baseball. But Sementelli and Sailors, now 18 and 17 respectively, are stand-outs in the game because of more than just good hand-eye coordination. ...more

As the mom of a baseball playing girl I am so happy to come across this story! My girlie will ...more

Wall of Fame: 10-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest to Discover a Supernova

While you may have rung in the New Year watching fireworks, 10-year-old Kathryn Aurora Gray celebrated by witnessing a different kind of explosion in the sky. Over the weekend, the 5th grader from New Brunswick, Canada became the youngest person ever to discover a supernova. ...more

(INTERVIEW) Meet Science Cheerleader Darlene Cavalier

1 2 3 4 DO YOU KNOW WHAT A LEPTON'S FOR? What about quarks? Nuclear fusion? How about the Theory of Relativity? If all this science jargon sounds like, well, science jargon, it’s time you got a Brain Makeover. And who better to help boost your science self-esteem than a squad of Science Cheerleaders, a group of professional cheerleaders promoting science literacy one cheer at a time. ...more

I love this for so many reasons. It's cute, it's catchy, and it has something to say. You can ...more

Colleges Offer Lectures Online AKA I Can Go To Class in My PJs!

Don’t tell my parents, but sometimes I skip class. For no good reason other than I just want to stay in my pajamas, lie in bed and not sit in a lecture hall with 100 other students who also just woke up. And as I begrudgingly brush my teeth — which is the extent of my morning hygiene ritual on days like these — I think, "If only I could go to class with out actually going to class ..." Well, some colleges are giving students the option to do just that by broadcasting lectures through online video. ...more

I think that a boring lecture type class delivered on-line is no better than actually being ...more

Is Facebook Causing Students Stress? (Plus My Top 10 Student Stressors)

I have a bargaining system with myself when I study. I say “Self, if you finish [insert school related assignment that needs to get done here], I will reward you by spending a mind-numbing amount of time watching trashy TV and staring at Facebook.” Then, my self normally starts said assignment, gets frustrated, and de-stresses with said trashy TV and Facebook. However, my means of relaxation may be actually bringing me more stress than relaxation. ...more

Read my post back in September about ...more

Jay-Z Regrets Offensive "Big Pimpin" Lyrics, So I Rewrote Them For Him

Rappers are generally known for their soft, mild-mannered lyrics, am I right? What? I’m not? Well, apparently Jay-Z disagrees too. The rapper was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal to discuss the upcoming release of his new book Decoded, which reflects on Jay-Z's life using his song lyrics as the framework. ...more

Wow... Please record this! YouTube needs you! Even just an mp3. OMG please. I'd even be one of ...more

Mexico’s Bravest Mama: Town’s 20-year-old Female Police Chief

Being a student? Stressful. Being a student and a new mother? Double stressful. Being a student, new mother, and the police chief of a Mexican town laden with drug violence? Unheard of -- that is until now. ...more

She is an amazing young woman and I will definitely keep her in my prayers. She's been called ...more

Willow Smith Debuts New Music Video: Do You Wanna Whip Your Hair?

9-year-old Willow Smith released the music video for her debut single “Whip My Hair” earlier this week, and — I’ll say this shamelessly — it’s been playing in my apartment nonstop. It’s the kind of video I would have made of my 9-year-old self dancing if I had Willow's sense of style and Will Smith's finances — which is my way of saying it’s age appropriate. ...more

Not a huge fan of the song. However, it's clean, cute, and she has a good voice.

Looks a lot ...more

From iSpoofs to iBands: Best of Apple in Pop Culture

iPods. iPhones. iPads. iAm pretty sure Apple is taking over the world. Whether we’re poking fun of the latest product or poking around on it, everyone’s got Mac on their mind. Take a look at the best of iPopCulture. ...more

I'd love it if someone did a spoof on one of my iPhone Birth Announcement Apps.

iPhone ...more

Yale Fraternity Pledges Say “No Means Yes” and “Yes” Means … What?

Last Wednesday, October 13th, pledges of Yale fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon marched blindfolded through Yale’s old campus, where many of the university’s freshmen female students are housed, chanting “No means yes, yes means anal.” A video of the pledging ritual hit YouTube later that night and has since received over 30,000 views and an uproar of community responses. ...more

I am disappointed, but not remotely shocked. This kind of behavior is not new among ...more