Caroline Makepeace

I am a mother, a wife, a traveler, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a... read more

Caroline Makepeace


I am a mother, a wife, a traveler, a writer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, a socializer and a good friend.  I am an Aussie, but currently living in Raleigh, NC and looking to uproot and move again. My two year itch is approaching and I'm scratching furiously. Time for a change.

I have been traveling since I graduated from University in 1997. My first adventure took me through Indonesia with 2 girlfriends before moving to London to start my teaching career. I traveled the UK and Europe in a campervan with 6 friends. 2.5 years later I moved Dublin for a summer of fun, working in a restaurant in the busy Temple Bar district. My best friend and I travelled Thailand and Vietnam and arrived home in time for Millenium. I met my husband Craig on return and we married in 2002. Three days after the wedding we took off on  a honeymoon that lasted 5 years.

We taught English in Bangkok and traveled South East Asia before moving to Dublin for a year. I taught the Irish minority children which was fascinating beyond belief.   After a year of continual rain, we knew it was time to move yet again, not before backpacking independently through East and South Africa for four months. We then came back to Australia to work on  a Pearl Farm in Broome, and earn some serious cash. Our next adventure took us to the States, where we lived in Raleigh for 2 years, road tripping East to West and the East Coast.

On the way back to Australia, in 06 we adventured through China, and back to Laos and Thailand. Coming home was a huge shock after being gone for so long. During this difficult time, the greatest joy of my life was born, my daugher Kalyra. Her name is an Aboriginal word which means a wild and pleasant place. Perfect for our child.

We moved back to the States in 2008 but are now ready to move on. Kalyra has fit in well to our backpacking lifestyle. She loves traveling, seeing the sights, talking to all the locals, and dancing in the streets

We now run a travel website  where we share our years of experience, travel tips and of course stories about living and traveling around the world. We love to inspire others to do the same.

When I am not traveling I am dreaming about it while I am writing, reading, playing sports, enjoying the great outdoors or partying with friends. Life is all about the memories and I try to live each day creating them.