Maximilien & the Chicken Pox

It's a rite of passage. Growing up I remember many of my friends getting the chicken pox. I remember getting the chicken pox. I don't remember the chicken pox being like this. ...more

Teaching Kids About Stranger Danger Without Scarring Them for Life

This afternoon, Maximilien was playing with a friend and he went around the corner of the building to chase after his paper airplane but then he did not re-appear right away. I waited three heartbeats before going after him. I turned the corner and he wasn't there. Then I turned the next corner and there he was... talking to a stranger. A man who was crouched down near Max with his hand on his shoulder. I can't explain the feelings I felt in that moment; before I knew it, I was yelling his name louder than I ever had....more

Interesting post and thread about a tricky subject. Both fostering a sense of trust and not ...more

Weekend Trip

Friday night we had a train to catch! I took Maximilien to Pontarlier to his grandfather's house. This was Max's second time taking the TGV. The first time he was 6 months old. This time around the excitement that max felt was almost physically tangible. I could feel the happy energy radiating off him as I picked him up from the centre de loisir last Friday. His excitement made him a handful for the assistants taking care of him that day....more

Holding on to those memories

Spending the last few days home with Maximilien while he's (and I have) been sick I've found that I have been thinking about my mother a lot and feeling the void. Moments when Max snuggles close to me while we are reading books. Nestling his head against my arm, eyes closed while sucking his thumb. Telling me that he is tired and that there is no where else he'd rather be. I close the book and lay down next to him. His cheek against mine. I hear him "hmmm" and sigh.  Pure love. ...more

Finding time for myself...

As I struggle with juggling all these new responsibilities I've learned that if I give a little I get a little in return. It has always been hard for me to ask for help. I like to try to do everything myself but as I am learning how to run my own business (with my husband) that I can't do it all by myself. I worked a 13 hour day on Weds and I was completely wiped out the next day.  But things are starting to shift for us time wise, Maximilien has started the creche this week and it really has given me a breath of fresh air.  Also, he is absolutely ...more

Une tranche de vie

Today, I met a delightful American gal named Juliet who is friends with my friend, Sarah. Who I must say is as equally delightful as well. Juliet and Sarah happened to come in at the tail end of a huge lunch rush. I was a bit flustered after cranking out 17 couvert today all in the span of an hour and a half.  During this time I was quite lost in my work. I was on auto pilot making lunch, cleaning up, going through my scone ...more

Driving in Paris

I don't do it. While picnicking with a friend today she invited me over to visit her at her apartment next week. I thought to myself that this could be a good opportunity for me to drive there with Max. She lives in the suburbs of Paris and it wouldn't be considered actual Paris driving. ...more