Did women of your mother's generation spend more time or less time with their children than do mothers today?

So, do you spend more time with your children than Moms of the 50s? ...more

I remember in my neighborhood anyway, primarily blue-collar midwest, most moms were stay at ... more

Rice is Nice

[img_assist|fid=3934|thumb=0|alt=Persian Rice] Persian Rice photo by The Culinary Chase. What's your favorite dish featuring rice? It may be hard to decide when you look at the big assortment of things made all over the world with this versatile grain. ...more

These are really great links. We eat lots of rice in our household and will surely try a few. ... more

One of the Unique Foods of Asia

[img_assist|fid=3974|thumb=1|alt=Century Eggs] Photo of Century Eggs by Amy of Nook and Pantry. I love to try foods from all over the world, but the food of Asia is especially fascinating to me. When I traveled to China, I quickly realized that most Americans can't even imagine some of the interesting things that are commonly eaten there. For example, would you consider trying these Century Eggs, which are considered a great delicacy? ...more

Of course she is from China(I'm not). Two dishes she is really big on are steamed bread and ... more