Coquito: Holiday Egg Nog in the Caribbean Tradition

My memories of childhood holidays involve bachata music, the smell of coconuts, and coquito -- Caribbean egg nog. ...more

Creative Exposure for Perfect Portraits

Photography-speak can be mind-numbingly technical and leave you more confused than you were before you asked a question. I don't want to do that. I want to show you the secrets of good exposure, how to use your camera's light meter effectively, and motivate you to grab your camera (any camera!) and get shooting. I approach photography writing as if I were speaking to my former self. I figure if I've struggled with something then there has to be someone out there who has too....more
Thanks! I didn't think of that. I will definitely try different exposures with my shots. Great tips!more

Teaching Your Kids About Their Rich Hispanic Heritage

Latina women have a rich Hispanic heritage that we want to impart to our children. Whether it's sharing food traditions, speaking Spanish, or choosing a name that will help a bicultural child feel as if she belongs everywhere she goes, new mothers need help navigating how to bring Hispanic culture to their children. And Lorraine Ladish's crib sheet does just that. ...more
I couldn't agree more how important it is to teach kids about their heritage. My husband's a ...more

Why It's Good to Ignore Your Kids

Sometimes I ignore my kids. Perhaps ignore is a strong word. It has a negative, slimy feeling to it that doesn't quite express what I'm talking about. Maybe I should use a euphemism here. How does encouraging independent play sound? Good? Okay then I'll carry on....more
My little boy says the same thing!  But when he's left alone to work and concentrate he is ...more

Thanks for calling me fat. No. Really. Thank you.

"wow, you've gained a lot of weight since I last saw you""well, the last time you saw me I was eight months pregnant. I've lost about 40 pounds since then so that's not actually true. Thanks for calling me fat in front of my husband and kids though".A recent conversation I had with someone has swirled in my memory for days. I've never been humiliated and insulted in front of my family. It was a jarring experience. I'm thankful that my kids aren't old enough to ask questions. However I'm happy that it happened....more GRRRRR. Dead. Wrong. Thank you for sharing. Stinks that it has to be that way but ...more

Solving Your Photography Color Woes

Did you know that different sources of light have varying color temperatures? Does this sound like complete gibberish? I'm happy to admit that until I made a sincere effort to improve my photography skills after the purchase of my first DSLR, these words sounded like a foreign language to me, too. After I uploaded my first batch of photos taken with my fancy (to me) new camera I noticed that they looked a little...Smurf blue?...more

I'm Not Black. Why Do You Care?

Racial identity is a personal issue that is currently hot topic within the Latino and African-American (Black, depends on with whom one is speaking and how he or she chooses to identify) communities. PBS aired a popular documentary called "Black in Latin America" which explores the "influence of African descent on Latin America". There is tension among Latinos and African-Americans....more
SybilleBless Human is a "race". Dominican Republic is a multi-ethnic nation (where the ...more

Needy kids are greedy a**holes.

Some people truly believe this. Don't believe me? Read on.It's the most wonderful time of the year. For some. For others the holidays are a painful reminder of empty stomachs and empty space beneath the Christmas tree (if there is one)....more

Would you like a mommy salary?

There is no such thing as new news. It seems that at least once a year there is a story discussing the monetary value of the work performed  by stay at home mothers. The most recent story was on CNN last week. Wendy Luhabe, a prominent social entrepreneur, explains:...more

Dear All the Single Ladies: You Are Not Beyonce

Beyoncé is pregnant. I don't much care, but I am happy for her. One would have to be an ogre to be anything but happy for a pregnant woman. What has disappointed me are the tweets and blog posts lauding her for “doing it the right way.” ...more
@bobbyv3044 ~~ re: "our children learn from parents not the TV, Music, movies, etc." On ...more