My ears stinging and my fingers growing thick from the cold, I tugged and twisted and yanked and shimmied, but the chair was stuck as stuck could be in my minivan.  It had gone in there easily enough, sliding right past the back of my seat and over Juliet’s car seat until it rested in a cockeyed, yet stable fashion in the aisle of the vehicle....more


Five years ago today, the most beautiful baby boy ever born slipped into the world with his umbilical cord looped gently around his neck and his little hand holding my heart, bringing it with him into the room, beating the song of motherhood. ...more

Socially Inept Mom Braces for Impact

T-30 until my son's first non-family birthday party.  He's been invited to a classmate's celebration.  Beyond excited, he exclaimed, "Mom!  let's go now!  I want to be the first one there!" ...more

I've Got a Hot Date on Friday!

I'm married to an outlaw.  A law-breaker.  A man willing to flaunt his stuff for the entire law enforcement community to see as he zips by in his bright yellow Saturn coupe.He's forgotten to renew his driver's license and it is now been expired for nearly three months.D'oh!...more

I appreciate the comment -- I just hope it doesn't take us all day to get the ...more