Keep Dinners Simple and Stress-free

Life can get crazy-busy in a home where the husband travels for work and the wife is trying to run a successful business out of the house, while raising a kid who is involved in every sport imaginable. Needless to say, dinners are very often rushed and on-the-go. Most nights, simple is the name of the game for dinner in our house. Generally I cook at home....more
I cook/prep ahead as much as possible and freeze in serving size packets for quick, easy meal prep. more

"So You Think You Can Dance" Top 20: Have You Picked A Favorite?

I'm so glad that So You Think You Can Dance has a summer season. It’s been a while since I’ve been hooked in like this, but how could I not be with such raw talent and amazing choreographed pieces? It’s especially joyous when I watch DVR recordings with my 2.5 year old daughter, who feels dance in her soul and tries her best to mimic all the dance moves, subsequently providing her two cents to let me know if she likes a performance or not....more
I've watched every season and love this show - so much better than DWTS.  It's too early for me ... more

Bloggers Turn Online Pictures Into Paint Palettes Using Over 1,500 Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors

Update 7/7/12: This sweepstakes has now ended. To read the second posts in the series, click here.  You can still read the bloggers' posts below by clicking on the links.  ...more
flower palette more

Obamacare: The Dirty Word

In just a four minute, 14 second-response, Presidential hopeful Gov. Mitt Romney used the word "Obamacare" 18 times - 19 if you count his podium sign: "Repeal & Replace Obamacare."Most notably about the word useage, he made sure not to say it when discussing his own ideas for reform which includes the popular pre-existing condition coverage....more
Very disappointing decision from the SCOTUS, especially Roberts.  It will ignite the ... more

Live it up, Mess it up, Clean it up and then Enter to Win $100!

Update: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. ...more
The princess must wear lots of makeup with her dress up costumes - that can get really messy. more

Sonia Kashuk at Target, Beauty for Every Woman

In 1999 the Sonia Kashuk beauty brand was born in partnership with Target stores. At around the very same time, while wandering around Target one day, I found a perfect little eyeshadow brush and, because it was so pretty, I bought it. It was a Sonia Kashuk product, and it was the first eyeshadow brush I bought that didn't come free with an eyeshadow compact. I remember feeling very professional about having purchased it. Though I don't use it daily, I still have the eyeshadow brush - over 10 years later, and I am now well aware of the "luxury at mass" brand that is Sonia Kashuk....more
I haven't tried this line yet but will definitely check it out at Target.  The eye shadow ... more

Eggstraordinary Spring Entertaining Recipe!

What I have found is that brunch, while sounding all fancy and glamorous, is totally doable. Easy, actually. All you need to do is plan your meal around a single main course dish. One that can be prepared in advance is not only recommended but encouraged.Eggs are a favorite ingredient when making food to share for springtime gatherings and celebrations. A favorite go-to brunch meal in our family is a tart or a quiche. They are so adaptable and easy....more
My fave breakfast recipe for guests is a bacon quiche that makes a crust as it bakes.  Easy and ... more

How to Find Sexy Underwear That Won’t Give You a Wedgie. Comment to Win $150 Spa Gift Card

I am also a cotton bikini wearer, for many years. I like Victoria's Secret, lots of colors and ... more

Stay hydrated with Bonggamom for a chance to win $1,000 from Crystal Light!


i've used crystal light for years and that's the only reason i can drink my daily water; so much ... more

Enter for 17 chances to win $100 from Ritz Crackerfuls!

Whether you are running errands or running to meetings, Crackerfuls will help keep you satisfied until your next meal.  Each is made with 6 grams of whole grains and real cheese, so you can feel good about what you are eating and know that it is substantial enough to get you through.  Also, since each is individually wrapped it is perfect to just throw in your bag and go....more

since i live and work on the beach, i break up my work day by sitting outside in the sun for a ... more