My Mother Wore Red Lipstick

My mother was born in 1916, which means she wore red lipstick all her adult life. From her I learned there are many shades of red, but that at any rate red lips were essential when leaving the house or having over guests. Mom always waited until she was almost out the door to put on her color. The color badge of her red lips told everyone, she was ready, she was prepared, she was together, and on her game. I remember vaguely the smell of her lipstick, although I’m not sure what part was her color and what part was the Cover Girl powder she dabbed on her nose....more

I can almost see your mother at the perfume and makeup counter while you and I herded the ... more

Dear Hillary: I Need a Mail-Order Village

I know what I want this year. And I'm appealing directly to the First Star on the Right and the laws of Scratch 'N Play Lotto. With a strong appeal to Hillary Clinton. For my village. Because I'm village-less. ...more

I live in Nevada. I think our state needs a village. We need to figure out how to raise our kids ... more