Photography 102: Lighting

I've really started to take an interest in improving my photography lately, especially my lighting. Previously, I was shooting on our dining room table. Every time I took a shot, I had to move the table close to the window, and hope to goodness I didn't get reflections in the images I was taking!...more
This is why I stink at photography!! Every picture I looked at and tried to guess which one was ... more

No One Puts Plus Size Maternity Photos On Pinterest

While I was at Mom 2.0 at the beginning of May, I ended up in a bunch of photos. And since this is 2014, some of those photos ended up on Facebook. And because it's Facebook, I ended up tagged, which meant all my friends —from my 4th grade classmates to the girl who lived on my floor in college to my mother's second cousin who lives in Sweden—saw them. I did not like it. They were not flattering. They were candid, and that is what I look like in candid photos, but they made me sad. ...more
Aww, you are beautiful!!!!  Really, truly, beautiful!  You don't even look plus sized much less ... more

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: What You Don't Know About Me

I started long after I knew better, past the age when my decisions could be chalked up to that invincible feeling that fades away as we get older. Already a mother, I should have been setting a good example and following the very rules I was setting for my own child. I was embarrassed by my weakness. Life was too much. Single parenting and autism and a whirlwind of experience I couldn’t seem to grasp left me feeling undeserving of the most basic necessities and looking for something I might actually be able to control. ...more
Thank you for addressing such a hard topic and sharing your own personal struggles.  It's ... more

Your Fave Brands: Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged

I bought an iPad two summers ago, and it really didn't work for us, so we sold it. We're just not Apple people. (Full disclosure: I do have an iPod.) Amazingly, though (and I'm not sure whether you'll believe it), that does not make me a less interesting, intelligent, or worthwhile person, as has been so cleverly suggested....more
Tell me about it! There are some marketing geniuses out ther who are selling their products in ... more

Are You A Baby Book Slacker?

How many times has your child done or said something funny and you think, “I’ll always remember when he did that”? And then the following month you are wracking your brain trying to remember what exactly it was? My son is now 18-years-old and I still think of funny events but can’t remember all of the details....more
I am a slacker. True blooded procrastinator! I haven't made the stunning scrapbook that I ... more

If PBS Went Away, What Would You Miss? Anything?

In last night’s presidential debate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told moderator Jim Lehrer: "I'm sorry, Jim, I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I'm going to stop other things. I like PBS, I love Big Bird. Actually I like you, too. But I'm not going to -- I'm not going to keep on spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for [it]." Which got us thinking: What would a PBS-free TV landscape look like? Which PBS show -- if any -- would you miss most? ...more
We dont watch PBS so it wouldn't be a loss in our home. more

"I'll Pray for You"

How often do we tell a friend that we will pray for them and then it slips our minds?  Do you, like me,  find yourself, in the midst of a task, when a friend comes to mind and you feel terrible that you haven’t remembered to pray for her during a time of suffering? Image: paul david (busy running!) via Flickr ...more
I couldn't love this anymore! Thank you for sharing! If you'd ever like to guest post on my ... more

Why Christians are not the boss of marriage.

I’ve been doing some thinking about marriage lately, in light of the recent decision by New York state in the U.S. to legalise homosexual marriage, as reported by the New York Times just a few weeks ago. I myself am married. I committed this act when I was all of nineteen years old. The person whom I married was eighteen, and we had managed to make a little baby together a year or so before. Of all the things we did in those few, heady years, technically, marrying was certainly the easiest. It was one terrific day. But getting ourselves a Christian marriage was definitely a lot harder. ...more
"Biblically, marriage was a human institution way before it was ever a Christian one." You did ... more

Letting Kids Climb a Tree Is Not a Crime

I missed my kids a lot this weekend. It’s rare that I leave them for a few hours so it’s incredibly rare to find me leaving for a few days. My momma heart ached being so far away, so feeling them in my arms could not come soon enough today....more
That is ridiculous!  Tell us the rest of the story.  Did she come back around or did you leave ... more

An Honest Conversation with My Gay Friend

The other day we got together with a friend of mine from high school named Andrew*, and his boyfriend, Tom. They moved out of state earlier this year, but a business trip brought him and Tom back through town recently, and we jumped at the chance to go out to dinner with them. This was one of the first times in a long while that we'd had a chance to sit down and talk with them, just the four of us. We caught up on life and work, Andrew and I clicking as well as we always have. I wore waterproof mascara because I knew I'd end up laughing to the point of tears, which, in fact, I did....more
I'm not Catholic but your explanation of marriage makes sense.  I love the fact that you can ... more