Understanding Bieber's Drug Use from a Mom's Point of View

It came out today that Justin Bieber tested positive for marijuana and Xanax. I am not surprised. Justin started out as a kid who just wanted to sing. Then something happened that changed his life. He got the chance. Since he was 12 years old, people have made fun of his music, his face, his hair -- and not in nice ways either. Even with his recent arrest the Internet thought it important to compare his mug shot to Miley Cyrus. ...more
I completely agree! My point is not that we should overlook his behavior, but that given his ...more

Best Ways to Decorate a Rental Kitchen

Renting your home has its ups and downs. You aren't responsible for maintenance or yardwork, but there are severe limits to making it feel like home. Because I just moved and am going to be decorating a new place, I thought I would start a new series on how to make a rental feel like home. Starting with the kitchen. Mostly because it's the only room I currently have in decent shape....more
I am loving your ideas!  You are so right about con-tact liner.  It can make a huge difference ...more

Blog for Breasts

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. To try to help raise money for breast cancer research, the Passionately Pink for the Cure group Blog for Breasts has been formed. The goal of this group is to raise money and awareness. As bloggers, we have influence and reach that women working within a local community may not have. Please join in and help me to raise awareness for breast cancer and to reach as many readers as possible....more

Cheesecake Factory

Last Monday was my mom’s birthday. Since we had a large family dinner the night before, Dad brilliantly decided to celebrate by dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. Yum. While we were there, my sister (who by the way does NOT need to worry about calories) mentioned that she and her boyfriend had looked up the nutritional information on the cheesecakes beforehand. They decided to share one piece of cheesecake based on what they found. I got my own piece. Red velvet cheesecake. Yum....more
But let's face it, my friend, when we go out to dinner, and to tempting places like the ...more