Street Harassment Now That I Present As a Woman

I was listening to Citizen Radio while driving down to the Chicago Fringe Festival. It’s a fantastic, independently-produced, liberal news and commentary podcast, and I highly recommend it. One of the things they discussed was this blog post from UnWinona. It discusses one woman’s experience with harassment on the train and, in particular, a very scary experience with someone threatening her. ...more

Why Is It Harder to Suspend Disbelief When We Watch Porn?

Going to a play or movie almost always involves some suspension of disbelief but the same is not true for porn. For whatever reason, audiences want to believe the people they're watching are attracted to each other (even if only on a physical level) and do truly orgasm. Why is that? It's not like people watch Dexter and say, "this sucks! He's not really killing people!" ...more
I think this is a good question, and actually a pretty important one. Thanks for the post. Long ...more

Transgender Response to Girl Scout Calling For Boycott

A few days ago, news started making the blog rounds that a 14-year-old Girl Scout named Taylor was calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies due to the Scout's support of "transgender promotion." BlogHer posted about the issue, although the video has since been made private. I made transcript of the original video out of the worry that it would be taken down....more
I loved this, and I really hope that girl gets the education she needs to understand trans* ...more

I Was Fired For Being Trans

Being a victim of bigotry is never fun. Getting fired in a discriminatory fashion is never a good thing. I was fired from a teaching position at Neal Math and Science Academy in North Chicago due to my status as a trans woman, a clear case of bigoted discrimination. I felt humiliated. I felt like my value and skill as an educator was being called into question. I felt like less of a person. ...more

Sorry to see this, You would think that the kind of world that we live in today would be ...more

Three Questions: What Do You Love? What Do You Fear? What Do You Want?

I love solving a problem that has been itching at me. Of making technology bend to my will, and deliver satisfying and consistent results. I love the relief that comes when a solution is Right and True. ...more

What a very honest contribution to BlogHer!
Here it goes:

What do I love - Walking down to ...more