Towards a Genealogy of Black Conservative Thought

As I tried to show in my post last week on Why Black History Month Still Matters, much of our contemporary discourse has important historic roots. The black conservative intellectual tradition is one example that I think bears some examination. That tradition illuminates the complex ways in which African American thought is intertwined with and simultaneously distinct from other American intellectual traditions. ...more

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20 Questions About Lesbian Fatherhood

Partly in service to the students in the class I spoke to the other day whose online questions I didn't have time enough to answer in person, and partly in service to the random assortment of you readers who may have asked such questions at one point or another, if goaded to by a class requirement, I offer up the following smattering of Qs and their As. ...more

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Black Friday Alternatives: Sleep-In, Buy Nothing, Wear Plaid

Today is "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving when everyone is supposed to hit the stores to do their holiday shopping. "To buy, or not to buy?" seems to be the question on do-gooders' minds. Below are four ideas for how to spend, or not spend, today....more

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BlogHer EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama answers policy questions from women who blog (Video)

Sen. Barack Obama sat down with BlogHer today to answer key policy questions developed by this community of bloggers for 2008 presidential candidates. In an exclusive on-camera interview with BlogHer, Sen. Obama (D-IL) answers questions about the economy, Iraq, health care and the environment -- including a health-care screening process for every veteran and support for their spouses and families, health insurance coverage for birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and working with China and other countries on climate change, a "major problem." ...more

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A Room of One's Own: Adding Women's Voices to the Arts

This election season, we are hearing a lot about women's advancement (or lack thereof) in the political sphere. While there is still a lot of work to be done to get more elected female representation, the opportunity gaps in the creative world are just as stark. ...more

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Five Things You Should Know About Your Core Exercise Program

Each evening after I put my kids to bed, I spend time searching the web for research, articles and blogs pertinent to women’s health and fitness. As my kids drift peacefully off to dreamland, I get more and more agitated at the misinformation that is being promoted on the web, particularly as it relates to Core exercise. Time to dispel some myths, right some serious information wrongs, and bring balance back to the force. ...more

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Announcing the BlogHer '09 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Winners!

Back in December we announced the BlogHer '09 International Activist BlogHer scholarship program and invited you to submit yourself or your favorite international activist BlogHer for consideration for this scholarship. ...more

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Damaged By Accidentally Breastfeeding Someone Else’s Baby? Seriously??

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Jennifer and Scott Spiegel are suing the hospital in which Ms. Spiegel gave birth because she was accidentally brought the wrong baby to breastfeed. I haven't found a copy of the legal Complaint seeking damages in excess of $30,000 for the couple, but in every interview with the Spiegels I can find there is no allegation that their baby was harmed in any way....more

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Amy Bishop, Tenure Denial, and the University of Alabama Shootings

There is so much to say about Amy Bishop shooting six of her fellow faculty members during a meeting last week, killing three of them. (If you're not familiar with the incident, the National Public Radio news blog has a good summary, including information from from a faculty member present at the meeting.) Indeed, much has already been said about the incident--and most of what's been said is just plain asinine. ...more

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