Sexual Responsibility and The Post-Breakup "Surprise" Kid

WARNING- This sh*t is about to get real and preachy. If you think sexual irresponsibility is cool, don’t read this.I’ve encountered this too often for it not to be a trend. It’s a horrifying fad to me and I’d like to call it out. I’ve dated several men who, post-divorce or post-long term relationship breakup, end up knocking up a short-timer and now have a kid. (I’m sure you’ve heard of Dwyane Wade and his relationship hiatus baby by now). ...more
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How Did These Apples Get Into My Cart? Dating and Healthy Boundaries

 Keep your apples out of my cart, I’m allergic.Actually, I’m deathly allergic to other people’s bullshit, lies, and psychologically manipulative behaviors. I have no desire to pay for these “apples” nor do I want to carry them home with me....more

Do You Ignore Early Red Flags When Dating?

I'm going to save you a shitload of time in your dating adventures. In order to  benefit from this sage advice, you must really listen-- to me, to the other person you're dating, and most importantly to yourself.Let me introduce you to what I affectionately call the "Future Predictive Moment" (aka FPM). It will change your life, I promise....more
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I'm Spicy and I Know It... (Hey, look out!)

I just turned 40. It really doesn’t matter how good I look if I don’t know squat about myself. I am the expert on ME even though I have made a practice of fighting myself on a daily basis. But, the other day I woke up and literally thought “I am so tired of THINKING! I just want to FEEL!”...more

The War on Women is Coming From Within..( are you sure “your national family planning clinic” really is there for you?)

I have finally healed to the point where I can share my story. In fact, I must share my story. If I don’t, then the most well known “national family planning clinics” (I will refer to as QQ to avoid backlash)  will have stripped me of my voice, which is central to who I am. I will not allow that to happen to me or to any of you ....more

Getting Dumped Sucks : How Juicy Women Deal With It

There’s no other way to say it:  when someone breaks up with you it absolutely bites especially if it wasn’t mutual. Break-ups happen to everyone, even the most self-confident and fabulous women. When it's your turn, I bet this is what hurts the most:...more

The Girrrl's Guide to Online Dating Profile Writing

Here’s your story: you are newly single or have been single for your whole life. Your friends and parents all too often ask you when you’re going to “find someone” and caution you about being “too picky.” You don’t really think you are picky; it’s just that the four guys you typically run into in a workday are not prime “man” material. So, you talk to your friend who has been doing some online dating. You’ve heard her stories and thought to yourself “Thank God. At least I’m not having to deal with all of that!” as you secretly were wishing you WERE dealing with all of that!...more

How Not To Be With an Alpha Female

10. Be a Beta male. I can smell you coming a mile away. The man who is passive and insecure sends me packing. You have to be strong enough in your own right to express your needs and to call me on my BS. I appreciate a man who knows things, who has experienced things, not someone who is a spectator in life. ...more

Dear Angry Feminist Alpha Lady

Dear AngryFeminist Alpha Lady,   I read your blog, about how not to date an alpha female. I was shocked at some parts of it. I think that there are so few good men to go around and if you keep acting masculine, you will be single for a long time.  ...more