Creating the Perfect Shot: Basic Composition for Beginning Photographers

Ask any photographer to tell you what the best kind of camera is, and you’re likely to get the same answer: the one you have with you. Seem too simple? It’s not. The easiest way to learn how to take good pictures is to keep taking pictures until you start to get better. The more accessible your camera is, the more likely you are to reach for it when the perfect photo presents itself....more
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I've Been Lying to Myself: My Child Is Spoiled

"I think we're spoiling her," he replied. "She never asks for anything because she doesn't know what it's like not to have everything." When my mother-in-law was visiting us last August, she looked around E's room with a mixture of wonder and confusion. "When I was a kid, we were so poor we had nothing...just one doll, one puzzle, one book. I can't imagine what it's like to grow up with all this stuff." I looked around at the bins of stuffed animals, the giant bookcase stuffed with books, the cabinets full of blocks and puzzles and crayons and games. It hadn't seemed excessive to me before. It was just what she had. It was what every kid we knew had....more
 @Practical Parenting Apparently, the treat has become a routine, not a treat for helping ...more