BlogHer of the Week: Maggie from Okay. Fine. Dammit.

Blogs are our faces to the world--very public faces. Even the most personal of bloggers are mindful of this. Our BlogHer of the Week, Maggie of Okay. Fine. Dammit. was aware of the potential backlash that could ensue by coming clean to her readers about her alcoholism, but she made an even richer outcome possible with her confession....more

I'm a Huge fan of Maggie, Dammit...and a recovering alcoholic. Bringing your addiction out into ... more

How Are Vaginas Supposed To Smell?

With nicknames like "Fish Taco," it's no wonder we freak out. Many women I meet absolutely despise their vaginas, as if they completely buy into whatever childhood messages they were fed about how the vagina is "dirty" and "bad." For these women, any odor wafting up from down there acts as a big stinky banner of how much they hate their girlness. With vagina nicknames such as "fish taco," "crotch mackerel," "cod canal," "fish factory," "fuzzy lap flounder," "tuna town," and "raw oyster," it’s no wonder we worry about how we smell. ...more

Fabulous! Thank You!!!!!! Love it! And another thing...that hair, it's there for a reason. I'm ... more

Politely Powerless: When Self-Defense Fails

Yesterday, I suffered unwanted sexual advances from a man in a way that I can’t seem to find an appropriate word for. Was it molestation? Sexual assault? Too nuanced to label? Interestingly, the reactions of others only added to the confusion. ...more

Wow, fabulous! I really enjoy posts like yours that openly and authentically address the grey ... more

So You Think People on Welfare Shouldn't Own Cell Phones?

As you see by the title of my blog page, yes, yes I am a welfare mother. There is a misconception that all people on welfare are lazy, drug addicted, uneducated, dregs of society. Well I am here to tell you that misconception needs to be changed. The simple facts of the matter are that many people like me on welfare are single working moms. ...more

YES YES YES! Good for you for speaking up. Too many people make judgements and assumptions ... more

Fantasia Barrino's Suicide Attempt Sheds Light on Classism and Colorism in the Black Community

Many people were surprised in August when it was announced that former American Idol winner and Broadway actress Fantasia Barrino was hospitalized after a suicide attempt. What was more surprising is how quickly she returned to the spotlight. She appeared on the talk show circuit, openly discussing the recent tribulations that caused her to take a handful of aspirin so she, in her words, could "sleep forever:" ...more

thank You bringing the historical perspective to the skin color issue. I think too many people ... more

Is "Jersey Shore" a Harbinger for the End of Progressive Society?

If we are going to hell in a handbasket,* last night I met the basket. When I arrived at the Cedar Rapids airport yesterday afternoon, a TV in the waiting room broadcast Headline News. It was airing Snooki's trial. Yes, Snooki from Jersey Shore. (A show that I had never watched, partly because I forget to, and partly because I don't want to jump in the handbasket.) This is apparently headline news. Granted, it was the entertainment segment of Headline News, but how on earth did we get to a point where a talentless reality "star" trial become entertaining? ...more

Fabulous! Ever since the advent of "Reality tv", which is an oxymoron I think many People have ... more

Surburban Turmoil's Lindsay Harnesses the Blogosphere to Help Nashville Flood Victims

Getting ready for work in the morning can be a challenge some days. Now picture trying to get ready for work in a tent in your debris-laden back yard with no running water.  No fresh laundry.  No electricity. And that you are in that tent because the house you planned to retire in is gutted by a flood that took away your home and your belongings in the blink of an eye. ...more

I am so sorry to hear about the devastation of the flooding, but you know what else? We are so ... more

Hello, Shiny New!

Don't worry, you're not seeing things, and you haven't wandered into the wrong site by accident. You are looking at the shiny, new ... ...more

I do like the new page, and, yes, it is very accessable. I know how long it can take to get a ... more