Three Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your Tweets

I recently read this post criticizing folks on Twitter for tweeting about other things during the recent coverage of Osama bin Laden's death. She makes three flawed assumptions in her post: That many people had scheduled these "inappropriate" tweets That tweeting about the news is the only appropriate thing to tweet during such a moment ...more

Great post.

Family Section Editor Jenna Hatfield (more

Christians, Free Speech, and Apple Apps

Thursday I caught (quite by accident since I don't listen to "Christian" radio**) Chuck Colson's radio program "Break Point." He was ranting in his trademark way about Apple's recent decisions to pull the ...more

Too Naked?

“Writers fail because they come to the page fully clothed. They adorn themselves with fanciful plots and layer themselves with complicated character development. They use flowery prose and words you have to look up in the dictionary. They do this not to impress their readers, but to keep their readers at arm’s length. They’re afraid. Afraid to bare their souls and inject themselves into their work. For that they are cowards. ...more

Linda Sands: another good thing

Kudos to you. This is what real writing should do... ...more