Dhara Patel

Hi I’m a 20-something true NY’er and recent Philadelphian (but always... read more

Dhara Patel


Hi I’m a 20-something true NY’er and recent Philadelphian (but always will be a NY’er at heart) with a passion for good food! Through my blog I hope to share with you my favorite recipes and the stories behind them! What I truly hope to do is broaden people’s views on Indian food, specifically by sharing the stories and recipes around the Gujarati food I grew up eating. Often times I’ll go to an Indian restaurant and the menu is not reflective of the Indian food I knew and loved as a child.  However, I am a true foodie at heart and therefore will not be centering this blog around Indian food – j’adore French cuisine as well as Mediterranean and of course Italian (my thighs, well they may have their own opinion)!

My extensive travel and pastime hobbies have truly shaped who I am in the kitchen and like they say New York is a melting pot of cultures, my cooking style is a melting pot of my experiences. My goal is to eventually write a personal memoir with recipes, sharing those special moments one treasures in life through food.

I hope you enjoy my blog, stories and recipes. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at edible.bits@gmail.com