Announcing the Dates and Location for BlogHer '09, our 5th Anniversary Conference!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the theme, dates and location for BlogHer '09, our fifth annual conference. ...more

I wish Blogher will grow really, really big (although it's already) and provide a scholarship ... more

Expat Moms Chronicle Raising Kids In a Foreign Country

Mothers tend to share in many of the same struggles, no matter where they live. It can be hard to help our older children interpret tricky social cues, and it can be difficult (for moms of very young children, especially) to find a supportive network of other moms. But imagine if you were navigating through your motherhood journey in a country different from the one in which you were born. Imagine going through the adaptive process in a foreign country not only for yourself, but also steering your children through it. ...more

I uprooted my family from our comfort zone and relocated to Dubai, United Arab Emirates from ... more

Families Get Serious About Limiting TV

Reuters reports that 75% of young children in America live in a home where the television is turned on a majority of the time.  Not surprisingly, the study quoted found that the near-constant background noise is not developmentally helpful to a preschooler: ...more

We have gotten rid of the idiot box for two years now. We are not missing it, contrary to ... more

New blogger from ME

Hello world! =) I'm new to blog her hence this introduction. Blogging from Dubai, your not so ordinary Middle East desert aka the highly urbanized, larger than life cosmopolitan city. ...more

Checking in with my new hometown bloggers in Dubai

[img_assist|fid=1700|thumb=1|alt=Dubai] In preparation for moving to Dubai, I did a lot of research. I read guidebooks, I read websites, I logged on to a travel bulletin board and read postings, I emailed with someone from said bulletin board who was living in Dubai to find out the lowdown on life in the Sandpit. And I read an lot of blogs, written by people living in Dubai. I've said before that one of the things I love about blogging is that you get a snapshot of someone's life, and get to see what it is like to live in different cities, countries and ways of life. I find that aspect of blogging fascinating. ...more

I moved to Dubai 5 months ago and already have lots of stories to tell to last a lifetime! Enjoy ... more