Winter is Coming

I know technically winter is already here, but New England seems to be struggling to understand that. ...more

I've Lost My Loans

A little while back, I got the most beautiful letter in the mail that I have ever gotten. ...more

Five Things Friday

1. I've been scraping the bottom of my moisturizer bottle for a few weeks now, and usually manage to get just enough out of it. ...more

Five Things Friday

My blogging lately has been awfully inconsistent, but perhaps starting to do a Five Things Friday will keep me more on task! ...more

I Did It!

I've been thinking about trying my hand at making home-made yogurt for a while, but I always balked thinking it would be too difficult... or I'd poison myself. ...more

Blast From the Past

I haven't bought a book in years--except Nancy Drew books, because I collect those....more

Save Time

Time is money, right?...more

Monthly Check In

It has been a somewhat frantic July, which was very unexpected for me. ...more

The Savings of Being a Shut-In

Whenever people make the bold decision to slash their spending and live a frugal life in the most extreme manner, they usually stop going out. ...more

Reviving Lip Gloss

One of the biggest and most obvious rules of frugality is to use up every little bit of the things you buy. ...more