A Burger Inspired by Eggs Florentine

[Editor's Note: I love burgers that borrow from the flavors of breakfast—one of my favorite options is to top my burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a runny fried egg. But this version, which features a poached egg, wilted spinach, and hollandaise, also strikes me as a worthy addition to the breakfast-inspired burger repertoire. --Genie]...more
That looks really yummy.  I love eggs florentine. more

Which Is More Inappropriate: My Son's Shirt or That Lady's Actions?

Fast forward to last weekend when Noah wore his King’s Island t-shirt to ride the coasters at Hershey Park here in Pennsylvania. While waiting in line, a random woman told him that he shouldn’t be wearing “a shirt like that.” Neither Dave or I was with him at the time, and he was confused. He asked her if she meant that it wasn’t appropriate because it was a King’s Island shirt and he was at Hershey Park. She replied, “No -- I mean something MUCH different.” And she walked away....more

Good grief, I cannot belief that woman made such an issue about your son's shirt. Clearly, she ... more

Dancing with the Stars Recap: The Top 4... Drama, Injuries and Dancing

They're all pretty good and/or charming, so a enjoyable time was had by all last night. Last night, each couple in the Top Four had to dance two dances and then do a brand-new "Winner Takes All Cha Cha." Is it just me, or have they been especially into the Cha Cha this year? On the one hand, you can see how each of the stars has improved significantly over the season. On the other hand, they do seem to be tired. There were tears and tribulations last night, and not-quite-Joe-Theisman-level-injury-footage that we had to watch one time too many....more

Well, Ralph is gone. Can't wait till next week! more

National Food Blogger Bake Sale Fights Child Hunger

Saturday, May 14, food bloggers around the country will set out tables of delicious treats to raise money for Share Our Strength, a nonprofit that works to make sure all children in the United States have enough to eat. The bakers will be participating in the second annual National Food Blogger Bake Sale. ...more

What a great cause. I hope it raises a fortune! more

Ten Sporty Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and you may be wondering how you can make a difference. If you're a sports mom or athlete yourself, here are 10 easy things you can do to help the planet, whether it’s Earth Day or not. 1. Carpool or use public transportation for a day (or a week or a month) and try walking, skateboarding or biking instead of using a car. Next time you have an away game or are heading to the gym, catch a ride with a friend or pick up a few of your teammates or exercise buddies on the way....more

All excellent suggestions, many I am already doing and I will work on the other ones!!! more

Parenthood, Actually: Share Your Story

We'd like to do something to celebrate the launch of the Family Section here at BlogHer. In fact, we'd like to do something to celebrate our family readers! Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, we thought we'd celebrate you and the moms in your life! ...more

What a lovely idea! Though my three sons are all adults now, I'll try to find something about ... more

Good Friday: Reflection and Sobriety

For some reason as an adult, Easter has always been fraught with fear for me. Next to Christmas, it's the only other holiday where shops are closed and everyone is on holidays. I have always felt the need to 'get away' over Easter and fill up the time holidaying somewhere else. Looking back over all my adult Easters, there has rarely been one where I have been at home, and maybe only one or two where I have been sober the entire weekend....more

I think this is probably a very meaningful Easter for you. I appreciate your ability to share ... more

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Though I was a single parent to three sons, raising two of them with no child support, I had a ... more