Taking Summer Shorts From Casual to Dressy

It's time for some seasonal closet -- and outfit -- revamping, this time with shorts. ...more
I'm not a fan of shorts. I LIVE in skirts and dresses in the summer. However, you have super ...more

One Dress, One Skirt 3 Ways

Some things never go out of style. A flattering pair of jeans, a crisp white shirt, a pair of black pumps...none of these wardrobe items will do you wrong. There is a reason certain items are considered classics: year in and year out, they're reliable choices in your closet....more
Somehow it has never occurred to me to dress down my LBD! Thanks for the suggestions.more

Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Fall

The leaves are changing color; there is a crisp bite in the air. Fall 2012 has officially arrived! Break out your pumpkin-flavored lattes and retrieve your coziest pieces from the back of your closet as you retire your summer clothing....more

Ann Taylor Accessories and a Drop Waist Dress

I just have to say it: I love Ann Taylor....more
What terrific buys!  I LOVE the teal on black - such a pretty dress!  And the pendant is ...more

Ruffles and pleats in New York City

When we visited New York City, I had every intention of documenting my outfits during our stay. Having new and exciting scenery was definitely a draw, and since I was packing some of my favorite attire for the BlogHer conference, there were definitely some awesome items I wanted to share....more

Quick look: ruffles and a top knot

Sometimes when the weekend rolls around, I just don't feel like putting on makeup or styling my hair. Or wearing fancy clothes. It happens. Thank goodness for "throw on" dresses, top knots, and some nerdy glasses to spruce up in a pinch!...more

Bright and Breezy Print

Ah, summer. A time for bright, breezy prints and maybe even some short shorts to keep cool. Florida: you are insanely hot and humid right about now. Blech!...more

Cream Shift and Fringe

By this point in the summer, you should probably be sporting a nice tan from the beach or pool...which makes it a perfect time to sport some white or cream colored clothing! I sometimes shy away from those hues because I'm nervous about stains and spills, but I absolutely fell in love with this Antik Batik shift dress (and I really want to add it to my wardrobe). Here's how I would style it:...more

Black and white: stripes and floral

Today I'm dreaming, yet again, about pattern mixing. I'm already a fan of stripes and floral, but I thought that this time around I'd go a bit more monochromatic instead of putting together an outfit with multicolored flowers galore. Black, white, and a pop of red: can you go wrong with that combination? I don't think so....more

My style: a black maxi dress by Tart

You might recall seeing this simple black maxi dress on my blog (almost a year ago...at the end of August). It is a straightforward and comfortable jersey dress by Tart, and I found it for a steal at T.J. Maxx. And it is still going strong as a piece in my wardrobe....more