Forget the Falling Birds and Floods, America's REAL Problem??? "LAZYWEAR"!

Remember those old black and white movies where the men dressed up in a full 3-piece suit complete with hats...just to go for a cup of coffee?  The women would wear dresses and have their hair done and always look "pulled together" no matter if they were grocery shopping, or running the vacuum cleaner at home.  Those days are long gone.  In fact, the shock of seeing someone wearing their pajamas to the grocery store doesn't seem to faze anyone anymore.  What happened?  When did we decide to let ourselves go?...more

There have been some good points made on both sides. Some people are more/less productive, ... more

Coming soon "The Book of Mormon the Musical"!


Since I don't have TV 'Piped' into my home (I watch DVD's, though), I don't get to see much of ... more

So, You Say You Like Us Mormons, Eh, Salon?

Hi, my name is Natalie, and I am a unicorn. Oh, excuse me! What I meant to say is, Hi! My name is Natalie, and I am a Mormon. Goodness! But I can certainly understand your confusion. ...more

So, if I am a Mormon/Mommy/Construction Worker/Waitress/Astronaut/Clerk/Chef/Author/Blogger, ... more

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- Do You Drop Kids Off at School?

Do you drop your children off at school? I do -- here's a pic of Ollie with smiles in the halls of our elementary school. Show me your pictures, or tell me your stories! ...more

Years ago, I dropped my children off at school an' left to run errands. It wasn't until after he ... more

There Is No Cure for Diabetes.

Celebrities sometimes use their power for good.  Like Kevin Kline.  His son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and Kevin has since been working with diabetes organizations to raise both awareness and funds for research towards a cure.  THAT is celebrity power used effectively.  His words, his efforts make a difference that is both poignant and tangible. ...more

Thank you for bringing this out. Unfortunately, many celebrities seem to think that their fame ... more

Picture this!-- Part IV of the mom blog series

Originally the topic of this part of the series was going to just focus on posting images on your mom blog. I was going to cover just the basics of "do you" or "don't you" include pictures, but from the comments I have received, I feel it is important to cover the "why's" and "why not's" of posting images of your children and/or your family. It is not just a matter of who sees your pictures. You should also think about how to protect your images as well. ...more

Wow! I wish I had been able to read alla' these before I started blogging. You've given some ... more

Content and your child's right to privacy--Part V in the mom blog series

Your blog is ready to go. You have your platform. You've named it. You have decided how much personal information to include and what you want to do about pictures. Good job. The basics are done. Now, the hard part starts. Your blog--ANY blog-- is nothing without good content. You knew I was going to get to it eventually. We have to talk about content. Political blogs will mention politics. Food bloggers will talk about food. Mom bloggers will inevitably talk about their children. Let's face it: they are a never-ending source of entertainment. ...more

I try always to keep within the boundaries of respect. I once wrote a post advising others not ... more

Starting your mom blog (Part II)- What's in a name?

So, I am going to assume that you have chosen your blogging platform and you awakened from that possibly technically boring entry in Part I. Welcome back. Get some coffee! Let's talk names. First up, what do you want to name your blog? This is probably one of the most important decisions you will make. People may not judge a book by its cover, but trust me, they will judge a blog by its name. What message do you want to send? Do you want to declare yourself a mom blogger in the title? How much information do you want in your name? ...more

Another wealth of information. Thanks.

~ Yaya

I was going out to meet myself, ... more

So you want to start a Mom Blog- The Series

Today I am starting a month long series on starting a mom blog. I have had many requests on some of the ins and outs, do's and do not's as well as a few basic ways to move forward once you have a blog. Today we will focus on your blog platform. Now, I know that this particular segment may bore the snot out of many of you, but we have to start at the beginning. (A very good place to start...sing with me!) Anyway, we need to learn about what kind of platform you want to use. Basically, how to do you choose where to start your blog? Which blog platform is right for you? ...more

I have often wished there was some way to find out the basics of blogging. Thank you for posting ... more

So You Want to Start a Blog

Way back in 2007, Jenn Satterwhite created a great series called "So You Want to Start a Mom-Blog" - the series was mom-centric but she covers a lot of topics that we should all think about before we create a new blog. Things I know I never stopped to think about before I created my first Blogspot blog. Things that I had to do-over after I had a chance to really think about them.